A Spot of Gardening and Life Science

06 Aug

Last weekend we tidied up the boys’ garden a little.

IMG_2682 (Small)

Ethan’s cosmos flowers had finished and he had a few plants that he’d planted so close together they were killing each other.  We removed some of these to give the others a chance to grow.  Ethan also added a strawberry plant and a lavendar plant (although I’m not sure the lavendar likes the spot yet).

IMG_2683 (Small)

Ethan has some lovely flowers in his garden.  When the cosmos flowers finished, these little darling bloomed.

IMG_2689 (Small)

They have a tendency to grow outwards then up, quaint little things that they are.

IMG_2691 (Small)

In Brayden’s garden he had a serious crowding problem.  His pride and joy was his sole strawberry plant but the other plants were killing it.  So he made the decision to remove them and replace them with more strawberry plants.

IMG_2684 (Small)

He’s eagerly awaiting his first strawberry.  Let’s hope he gets to it before the birds and insects!

IMG_2687 (Small)

Our bean plants are looking much healthier.  At one point they were covered with aphids and my attempts to kill the bugs in various natural methods, nearly killed the plants.  So I went with the ‘leave well enough alone’ theory and now they are healthier than ever.

IMG_2692 (Small)

During our digging we turned the soil over and mixed in more compost and found quite a few big juicy caterpillars.  Probably not a great thing for our plants so the boys removed them and placed them in our insect catcher to observe.

A few days later the boys were distraught as it seemed that a spider had woven a web around its lunch.  But when we looked more closely we realised that it was a cocoon of sorts.

IMG_3308 (Small)

As we watched the little fellow he was pulling his webbing in closer and closer.

IMG_3318 (Small)

At this point he was still a caterpillar with legs as you can see.

IMG_3319 (Small)

The next day we checked on him and he had pupated.

IMG_3325 (Small)

We think this little brown mass at the end is his discarded skin, legs and all.

IMG_3333 (Small)

Cool huh?  Okay, well it doesn’t take much to impress us.   We are thrilled by the smallest things.





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Posted by on August 6, 2011 in Science


One response to “A Spot of Gardening and Life Science

  1. alecat

    August 6, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    How wonderful to watch! Your photos are superb!
    We raised some little moths a while back, but they were from some little brown caterpillars we found on a native bush in the driveway. It looks like you’ve got a very different type growing there.


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