31 Days to Clean – Day 9

09 Aug

Day 9:

Mary Challenge:

Whenever I find myself saying, “I’ll do that later” I have to stop and ask God for diligence and then go to work. Well this is the challenge set for us today.

Hmmm…this could be a real challenge.  I see so many things that I tell myself, “I need to do that” but then I prioritise and put it on a list for later.  I don’t think we can/should do everything right now.  We do have to look at what needs doing and what can wait.

But there are little things that I can certainly stop and do right now – like picking up that stray pair of shoes, that dirty dish, or wiping up that splodge on the floor.  These kinds of little things take no time at all but add up to a huge contribution to the day’s work.  And for me these are the things I do tend to leave for later…and then regret it.

Martha Challenge:

Our challenge today was to sweep/vacuum and mop the kitchen floor and then beautify the space with some pretty flowers.

IMG_2815 (Small)

Well I confess that I skipped this one.  To me it sounds crazy to mop one room.  If I have the bucket and mop out I’d do the whole house which is what I generally do on Friday afternoons.  You see there is method in my madness.  I like to end the week with a tidy house so I do a house blitz on Friday afternoon.  Little men and I go around restoring order and then I vacuum and mop so then I can happily loll about in a fairly clean house on Saturday.

I did send my littlest man to cut me some flowers for above my sink.  He was delighted with this task and put a lot of thought into his posy.

IMG_2820 (Small)

Did I kick back and do nothing today?  Of course not.  One of the bigger chores I wanted to accomplish this month was the washing of my bedroom curtains.  An amazing amount of dust collects in our front hall and my bedroom.  I blame living at the bottom of a hill.

IMG_2769 (Small)
So I decided to get a head start on this task instead.  My plan was to wash one window set a day.   I started on the smallest window yesterday but today, with a relatively sunny day in front of me, I decided to tackle all the remaining curtains.

IMG_2767 (Small)
The dust was traumatising poor hubby’s sinuses so I really blitzed the place.  I vacuumed the walls – yes I’m a crazy woman – the tops of the windows, doors and the furniture.  I figured while I was stirring up the dust I better complete the job in one fell swoop.  Sounds like a massive job but it took me no more than 15 minutes tops!

IMG_2781 (Small)

How on earth did I get this done plus school?  It’s not as hard as it might sound.  Firstly I only have two children and neither are babies or toddlers so that gives me a massive head start.  I also got up before the boys and got the curtains in the wash and the walls (and bedroom floor) vacuumed.  As the boys crawled out of bed they came to see what the fuss was all about.  While they were sprawled out on my bed and I was up washing the windows and window sills, I got the boys to go through their memorisation tasks.   I know the memory stuff as well as the boys so I could easily do that while on a ladder.  By the end the room was all ready to receive it’s nice clean curtains later in the day.  It was so nice to not have that task hanging over my head all day.

IMG_2773 (Small)

IMG_2798 (Small)

The gorgeous sky from my window as I worked

Throughout the day we alternated from group work/reading to independent tasks.  Each time the washing machine beeped at me I wrapped up what we were doing and set the boys an independent task to complete.  And when the littlest man needed me nearby while completing his work he followed me to pick my brain.  We don’t work like this everyday so there’s no harm done to my little students.  They are flexible.

IMG_2783 (Small)

Once the curtains were rehung we still managed to add in some spice to our days.

IMG_2813 (Small)

Yesterday we made pony bead animals and dashed to the store to buy supplies to share this craft with friends.

IMG_2766 (Small)
Then today Brayden asked to paint a Father’s Day project he is working on.  There was even glitter involved….shudder….but he offered to sweep up the mess himself!!

IMG_2814 (Small)

Oh but that ironing from the other day…hanging my head…ummm…maybe that will get done tomorrow.





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4 responses to “31 Days to Clean – Day 9

  1. Michelle Downunder

    August 11, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    You’re doing so well. Today I washed the kitchen floor (and the bathrooms) and I’m loving the Mary Martha Challenges. But Tracey–how come you’re so ahead of me when you started after me?
    Michelle Downunder

  2. Tracey

    August 11, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    Heheeh…see I know when I can’t do it so I blitz it on the days I can do it. Rest assured I did nothing today or yesterday…well aside from school, whipping up some baked goodies to share at the park with friends, two loads of washing, vacuuming for an impending weekend puppy guest and grocery shopping. But I bought some sugar soap for the wall washing…so I’ve thought about cleaning. Tomorrow I should be able to get a good day of work in. With our guest puppy arriving I won’t even bother trying to get school done tomorrow but I can clean!!! Plus hubby had his boss, several work mates and a celebrity fellow over to our place for a bloke’s night a month or so ago so most of my spring cleaning jobs got done in that panic clean. Just the rooms they didn’t see that need work now so I actually did have a pretty good head start.

  3. Kelly

    August 12, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    I have this and have not yet started it yet. Your kitchen looks great. Pretty flowers! 😀 Nice you found some are you guys freezing? How cold is it right now?

  4. Tracey

    August 12, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    It’s still a little chilly here…for us anyway. Our lows are around 10 degrees Celsius and our highs are around 23 degrees. Not too cold but not hot either. Perfect weather. Why can’t it be like this always. I’m not a fan of the hot weather.


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