31 Days to Clean – Day 10-13

12 Aug

Day 10:

Mary Challenge:

On Day 10 I’m supposed to picture my home in all its clean and organised glory and then burn that image into my mind.  I have a definite image of what I want my home to look like.  I like clean uncluttered rooms that invite you to sit down and grab a book.  When guests arrive I can get it looking this way but my problem is keeping it that way for my family.  That’s where I need help and I know exactly where to get it!

Martha Challenge:

Clean the windows and curtains!  Done!  A month or two ago.  Phew.  Let off the hook for Day 10.

Day 11:

Mary Challenge:

We aren’t to beat ourselves up about how much we have or haven’t done.  Grace covers all the areas where we are insufficient.

So very true.  We can only do what we can do, and we shouldn’t fret over what we can’t or don’t do. 

Each person has a different way of doing things and a different pace.  The way I’ve been coping is by knowing my weaknesses.  There are some days when I know I won’t be able to manage a single thing more so I just don’t.  I did no challenges on Wednesday or Thursday.  There are other days, like today, when I have plenty of time so I do a few things.

Another interesting thing God’s shown me is that we often make tasks seem bigger than they really are.  Once the task is started the biggest part of the hurdle is over.  Give it a go.  It works.

Martha Challenge:

Next up, washing the living room walls.  Sounds like an awful job doesn’t it, which is why God taught me the lesson of just getting started.  I figured if I just do the two smudgey walls near the tv that’d be enough work for the day.  Well they took me less than 5 minutes and before I knew it I was finishing off all of the walls in the lounge and moving down the front entry hallway too!

As I went I moved the lounge, which meant I had to vacuum under it and dust the back and top of it.  Then as I passed the two big bookshelves I vacummed the shelving and the top of the shelving.  I hadn’t planned to do any of that today but God had me on a roll that pretty much completed the whole room.  Oh and I dashed into the bedroom and cleaned the really smudgey wall I noticed in there too!

IMG_2939 (Small)

Day 12:

Mary Challenge:

Today we are thinking about perfection and those we are comparing ourselves to.  We have to take these lies to the Father.

Martha Challenge:

The challenge today is to clean the shelves and electronics in your living room.  Well I’ve been let off easy again with this task.  I only have three storage areas in this room – the bookshelves which I thoroughly decluttered and organised earlier this year (tick!); the dvd drawers and baskets which are already nicely shelved (another tick!) and the foot stools where we store the Wii paraphernalia which I tidied as I put away a stray disk this afternoon (tick!).  So this task was super duper easy.

However I do have a pile of papers and books on the side table to deal with before the end of the weekend.

Oh yes, we also had to shine the wooden furniture.  Easy peasey.  Pop an old sock on your hand, give it a spray of polish and rub it along the wooden surfaces.  Bingo!  Done!

Day 13:

Mary Challenge:

Pick something from this list to do this week to overcome fatigue:

– Exercise

– Get up early

– Avoid getting overwhelmed

– increase your magnesium

– have a snack

– increase your caffeine

Hmmm…the first two are probably the best.  Reckon I could try both.  We’ll see how we go.

Martha Challenge:

Steam-clean carpets/rugs and wash wood floors…..hmmmm since I have tiles and currently a visiting puppy, I think I’ll wait until puppy leaves and then mop the whole house.  So I’m let off again.

The living room has been an easy room for me.  I don’t store much in it.  Less is best.  We only read or watch tv in this room so I keep everything else out.

Other rooms will be my real challenge.  So I best take a day of rest tomorrow and brace myself for the coming work.

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