Puppy Pablo is Back!

12 Aug

Do you remember my Puppy nephew, Pablo (affectionately known as “Puppy Piddles”) ?

You can meet him at:

“We’re expecting a guest”

“Puppy Preparations”

“Puppy Love”

“Puppy Play”

“Pooped Puppy”

“Puppy Sitting – the Reality”

“Puppy Pablo has been renamed “Puppy Piddles”

“Puddle Problem Solved?”


Well, HE’S BACK!!!!

IMG_2878 (Small)
He’s on holiday at our house while his Mummy and Daddy are away.

IMG_2875 (Small)

He kept checking the door for his Daddy and whimpered a little

He’s grown quite a lot since his last visit.

IMG_2858 (Small)

He’s taken the tour of the house and yard with Brayden and seen our new little garden plots and told he must not dig or chew. He listened attentively.

IMG_2848 (Small)

He’s shown us his new tricks. He’s a clever boy.

IMG_2885 (Small)

He can dance around in a circle...all he needs is a tutu and he could join a circus!

IMG_2884 (Small)

Now we’re trying to train him that puppies sit on the floor NOT on Aunty Tracey’s lounges. He’s a quick learner though. At first he’d quickly hop down when he saw me coming but then he’d just go to the other room and hop up that lounge. Now he seems to have figured out that he’ll get no rest until he learns his place…on the floor!!

IMG_2905 (Small)

Pabs is enjoying the indoor-outdoor life at his holiday resort.  You  see he lives with a cat so he doesn’t have the freedom to come and go as he pleases at home.  He has to wait by the door for a human which I suspect is rather frustrating for both parties.  Here I’ve left the door open for him so he can rule both the indoor and outdoor domains of his new world.

IMG_2898 (Small)

IMG_2899 (Small)

And he just LOOOOVES to run and play with his people pals.   And his people pals are very much attached to him too!

IMG_2838 (Small)

IMG_2842 (Small)

IMG_2843 (Small)

IMG_2845 (Small)

Even if he doesn’t like Star Wars

IMG_2868 (Small)

…or the bin man.

IMG_2897 (Small)

He didn't want to get too close to the noisy truck...Guard Dog??...HA!

But who wouldn’t love this little mug?

IMG_2901 (Small)

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be cleaning, right?…and schooling.  Well this little critter is a rather big distraction.  Full of excuses aren’t I!



























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