Homeschooling Meme

06 Sep

I’ve been tagged by Erin at “Seven Little Australians and Counting“.  So let’s have some fun digging into my brain.  Beware though.  There’s lots of cobwebs in there.

1. One homeschooling book you have enjoyed

Only one book?!  Gosh.  There are so many I’ve enjoyed.  But if it has to be only one then it will be “Bringing Them Home“.  I really enjoyed that book.  In fact I own two copies of it just so I’ve always got one to lend out and share.

2. One resource you wouldn’t be without

Oh that’s easy – books!  I have them stashed everywhere.  I give them as gifts, I crave them for gifts and I delight in sharing the ones I have.  I couldn’t fathom homeschooling without a good stash of them.

3. One resource you wish you had never bought

Writing With Ease” workbooks – what was I thinking!  Not a fan at all.  I can’t fathom how they’d learn to write with these.  They are up for sale if anyone wants them!   Barely opened, never used.

4. One resource you enjoyed last year

We looooove IEW.  Last year we really got stuck into the program and started making great progress.  It’s my number one favourite resource.  It’s taught me how to teach writing to my sons and it’s working for us.

5. One resource you will be using next year

I’m impressed with the organised people that think that far ahead.  Okay well we do have a few new things lined up.  By then we should be ready to move onto a new Latin program.  I’ve purchased “Latin for Children” and “Visual Latin” (for me) but then a friend showed me “Getting Started with Latin” and I’m back to square one with my decision about what to start next.  We love Latin though so whatever we pick we’ll be excited.

6. One resource you would like to buy

I’ve been drooling over “Speech Boot Camp” for ages but since my boys need to be a little older to appreciate it I’ve held off and restrained myself from purchasing it.

7. One resource you wish existed

Oh I don’t know.  I don’t feel like I’m lacking anything I need.  Perhaps some more Australian homeschooling resources for the community in general.  We’re certainly lacking those.   Oh and could Australia please have more homeschooling conferences.  Ones that visit all capital cities so no one has to miss out.

8. One homeschool catalogue you enjoy reading

Hmmm…well I don’t receive homeschool catalogues all that often.  Does Old Schoolhouse Magazine count?  There are so many ads in there that it should count as a catalogue.  I do enjoy browsing the ads for something new and interesting.

9. One homeschooling website you use regularly

I frequently check the Well Trained Mind forums.  There are so many members that you are bound to learn something new on their curriculum pages.  I’m not really a participant though, more of a lurker.   I often use the forum for curriculum reviews.

10 Tag other homeschoolers

Hmmm…who should I tag.  I’d like to tag:

April from “Educating April”

Bernadette from “We’ve gone W.A.lkabout”

Jen from “Jen’s Busy Days”


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One response to “Homeschooling Meme

  1. April

    September 7, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    Thanks Tracey, so chuffed you thought of me!


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