Parliament House and Old Government House

15 Sep

We have walked around the world and back today…well it feels like it and I’m guaranteeing that it will feel like it a LOT more tomorrow!!

You see we parked at South Bank, Brisbane’s cultural precinct (See the giant Ferris whee in the distancel?  We parked near there and walked all the way to the bottom left of this photo and beyond),


and walked across the Goodwill Bridge


to take a free tour of our state’s Parliament House.


It is such a gorgeous building.  Everywhere you look is exquisitely decorated and elegant.


We visited the old Legislative Council Chamber


which is no longer in use as we abolished the upper house in Queensland parliament in 1922.


The Legislative Assembly Chamber is where our lower house, or Legislative Assembly meet


to represent the people, debate and scrutinise the actions of the elected members and ultimately make laws to govern our state.


Let me introducing ‘Speaker Ethan’


and Premier Brayden…just checking out their job options.


Oh my favourite room was the Reading Room!  I so want one!!  Maybe two.  But I’d be happy with one.


I could so easily change this into a homeschool room.


Once hubby managed to drag me out of the Reading Room, and we fought our way through the protest crowds out the front of Parliament House, we headed over to Old Government House.

It was the home and office to Queensland’s Governors from 1862 until 1910.


The very best way to tour this grand old building is with their podcast tour.  You can hire mp3 players with the audio already loaded for $5 each or download the podcasts to your own mp3 players for free.


The rooms are all empty (except for the artworks being displayed in the upstairs rooms) so the podcasts bring the rooms to life for you dramatising the life that would have taken place in each room.  My boys just sprawled out, making themselves comfortable and happily imagined themselves living life in the colonial world.


I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see as much of the servants’ quarters and areas as those parts of the building are used as a cafe and function rooms.  What we did see of the servants’ areas was in stark comparison to how the upper class lived.


After the podcast tour we went into the Virtual House room where we could ‘walk’ through the house as it might have appeared in its day.  This was brilliant!!  You can do the same thing online and both of my boys are eager to try it out when they get time.


There was also a room called ‘The Virtual House Workshops’ where you could use the same virtual program on individual computers or scroll through panoramic views of Brisbane in the early days.


By this point in the day we were starving and strolled down to the City Botanic Gardens for a picnic lunch by the river.


We had planned to do an orientation activity in the gardens but the thought of more walking…well, it was a unanimous decision that we had been overzealous in our planning for the day.   We had also considered stopping in at the Maritime Museum on the way back but clearly we were not in our right minds when planning our day.


We trudged along the mangrove boardwalk on the way back to our car…asking ourselves why we parked soooo far away…heading for the Goodwill Bridge.

And if you were wondering how we dragged our weary children and our own bodies all the way back to the car…


the answer is the particular carrot that was dangling over their heads –



And can you believe that after we left there we headed all the way back to the Gold Coast, through peak hour traffic and yet STILL went to the library and did our weekly grocery shopping?  Yep we did!  Just call us nuts.

And can you believe that these same weary boned, exhausted people are going out again tomorrow for yet another big day?!  Declare us insane and have us locked up….pleeeease!

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  1. sara

    January 10, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    I enjoyed reading this, thanks 🙂


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