Eggs Already!

08 Oct

Two days after emerging out of her cocoon our first female moth is now laying eggs.


We’ve read that each female will lay between 200 and 500 eggs!  Woah!


I’ve confined our mating pair under a dish (with air holes) on a cardboard base so she’ll lay her eggs in a nice organised fashion for me to easily collect.

You see you can store your eggs in the refrigerator until you’re ready to let them hatch.  I’m not keen to repeat the mulberry leaf picking cycle but the boys are adamant that we simply must keep the eggs.  We’ve read that the eggs will remain viable for up to 5 years so maybe I’ll have forgotten the mulberry leaf picking torture by then.  These things eat a LOT of leaves.


The eggs are yellow when they are first laid but after three days they’ll either turn white or black.  The black eggs are the fertilised eggs.  Once the eggs turn black you can store them in the fridge in a ziplock bag.


We only have two female moths at present and lots and lots of males.  Hopefully we get some more girls tomorrow.


The moths themselves are such placid things.  They just climb right onto your finger and sit there.  Remember they can’t fly, although they do flutter their wings a lot in seemingly some kind of mating dance.


Isn’t it just so amazing that these moths were caterpillars just three weeks ago?


Gee, you need a lot more faith to believe in evolution than in an amazingly creative Intelligent Designer!


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