2012’s Math Journey For the Littlest Man

30 Oct

How I’ll Teach Brayden Math in 2012

This year Brayden will be working through Singapore Math’s “Primary Mathematics” level 2B and 3A texts (four books in total).  These books are said to be up to two years more advanced than other texts.

On occasion he will also utilise Singapore’s “Intensive Practise” and “Extra Practise” books to consolidate various concepts.   He also has access to Singapore Math’s cd roms “Rainbow Rock” and “Vroot Vroom”.

When introducing new concepts Brayden will use hands on resources, such as MAB blocks, fraction pieces, clocks with movable hands etc.  This helps consolidate a firm understanding of the concepts.

In addition to our textbook work we complete several other tasks on a daily basis.  Each day there are various concepts that we review and memorise.  At present Brayden is memorising skip counting patterns to ten, the 2D and 3D shapes and their features and his computational facts.  He will continue memorisation in the coming year and expand into other areas that lend themselves to memorisation.

Each day Brayden also completes a page of algorithms and facts in a workbook I create, using Math Resource Studio software, called our “Dailies” book.   This page will include two addition with regrouping algorithms, two subtraction with regrouping algorithms, and several multiplication and division facts.  The inclusions change as Brayden learns new skills to be reviewed.

Another daily task we complete is reviewing number facts, currently multiplication and division facts.  At present Brayden completes 50 multiplication facts up to and including the 6 times facts.  His older brother includes a speed element for completing this task but Brayden isn’t a fan of timed tests so I allow him to complete it in his own time.

Brayden’s strengths lie in computations and algorithms.  He quickly identifies patterns and strategies and comprehends new concepts very easily.  However I try not to move him ahead too quickly preferring to extend and broaden his skills.

Having an older brother is a great benefit to Brayden’s Math skills.  He loves to be involved in Ethan’s hands on lessons and consequently is often part of lessons that are not intended for him.  To include him I include lots of review, which is often new material for Brayden, so he has a good chance of understanding the parts of the concept within his reach.   He often surprises me with what he is capable of.

As our Singapore Math text is not an Australian text we supplement it in the area of Money.  I own several money teacher photocopiable titles and I usually make my own worksheets too, however the best way to learn about money is to handle and use real money.  Each term the boys count their savings and take it to the bank.  We also participate in a yearly Children’s Fair, where the children make and sell their own products and also have the opportunity to be customers and shop at the fair.  The boys also love playing games that involve money eg.  “Supermarket” and “Monopoly”.

Measurement is another area where hands on and real activities are important.   We have supplied our boys with a large collection of measuring devices – trundle wheel, metre rulers, tape measures, scales, thermometers and clocks with movable hands.  Whenever a real measuring need arises the boys are encourage to take the measurements.  Brayden also loves baking and regularly has the opportunity to measure ingredients.

Brayden also enjoys watching Math related programs on tv.  This year he has watched “Cyberchase” each week and he hopes the program is continued next year.  In addition we have several Math dvds which includes the MathTacular series.  I have also just purchased Trickomatics which teaches mental computation strategies.

We’ve also filled our children’s environment with numerous other Math related resources and books.  The boys have full access to these and regularly choose to use them in their own time.

See what I mean about being too verbose.


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3 responses to “2012’s Math Journey For the Littlest Man

  1. HUBBY

    October 30, 2011 at 10:42 pm


  2. Victoria

    December 5, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Did you get the Trickomatics? I was wondering how you like it. Can you please share? Also, is the computer CD animated, with drills inserted in a story or in a sort of a game, or is it just minimal animation and plain drills? Thanks you in advance.

  3. Tracey

    December 5, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Yes I did get Trickomatics and am very disappointed with it. A terrible waste of money and I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for it but I still paid way more than it’s worth.

    The movie disc is less than 15 minutes long and a majority of the ‘tricks’ that you see in their samples are on the disc. There’s not much to it at all. It had the potential to be much better.

    The animation is also awful. The volume of the voices are all different. One character mumbles and we couldn’t even work out what he was saying half of the time.

    The cd rom isn’t much better I’m sorry to say. It’s mostly drill with no animation from the movie, just a character that pops up telling you are on target.

    It’s definitely not a game. It’s just drill. You select what area you want to work on (the problems are all multiplication). So you might see 45×8 and have to work it out based on what you learned in your less than 15 minute lesson on the dvd. If you can’t work it out you can pop a balloon for a clue (the number of available clues varies according to the difficulty and steps in the problem). The clue presents as a step by step helper through the problem. It is b-o-r-i-n-g!

    I’m never normally this harsh on products but this particular one is one of the worse products I’ve bought. It could have been great IF the animated movie was much longer and better produced and if the cd rom was not quite as dull. I’d have better luck getting my boys to use pencil and paper drills than this particular cd-rom.

    I’m quite annoyed as I was really excited about this product. Rest assured we won’t be using it next year now.


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