18 Nov

I just have to share this link.

Today the boys and I were reading about kangaroos and decided to ‘hop’ onto Youtube to find ourselves some video footage that showed what we had been reading about.   After a little surfing around and some great videos, we found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This link will take you to the beginning of “Wattle and Tingle’s Tale” – the life story of two joeys which follows their development from birth and their climb to the pouch, to their ‘tipping out’ and outside the pouch life until they finally have siblings.  It is amazing!

If you are learning about marsupials then you have to watch these.  Actually, if you’re not learning about marsupials, then you should still watch these.  I think we went through the whole gamut of emotions watching these videos (22 videos in all) – surprise, joy, awe, fear, sorrow, relief, and flat out belly laughs.

The very first video in the series, “Kangaroo Birth“, has an age restriction.  I put my birthdate in and previewed it before the kids.  I found nothing wrong with it.  It was a birth scene but it was tastefully filmed (very little guts and gore and all focused on the joey) and I had no qualms about letting my boys view it.  Ethan’s response was “Wow”.  I think it’s the most important video if you are learning about marsupials.  (However do be wary of the videos in the sidebar.  Some are not quite as tasteful.  So the usual Youtube precautions need to be taken.  That should always go without saying but I’m happy to remind those who are not ‘in the know’ yet.)

The rest of the videos, “Kangaroo Joeys in the Pouch“, (1 through 21) presented nothing graphic (no mating scenes), however parents of sensitive children will need to know that they do lose a newborn joey who doesn’t attach in episode 19.  I didn’t restrict my boys from watching this as death is very much a part of life and I wanted them to experience the sadness of loss.  It’s an important lesson and besides they “Uuuh”s they were fine.

Thankfully the series has a happy ending not too long after.  The boys were pleased about this…so was I.

So if you don’t know what to teach the kids today or the kids are begging for some viewing time, “Wattle and Tingle’s Tale” is my recommendation.

I’ve got a new sense of awe and respect for these animals and I just wanted to share it with you.

kangaroo (Small)










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