A Peek At Our Day Yesterday

19 Nov

We completed our Memory tasks during breakfast

– Books of the Bible

-Bible verses

– old Latin vocabulary

– Latin verbs

– Skip counting patterns 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7s

– Parts of Speech definitions

– Current poem

– Measurement conversions

– 2D shapes (quadrilateral, parallelogram, trapezium, rhombus etc)

– Countries of Europe

IMG_6592 (Small)

After breakfast, teeth brushing, bed making, letter box checking and laundry reloading, we settled down to read.

– We read several chapters of the Bible and discussed what we read

– We read another chapter of Herein Is Love:  Genesis.  We LOVE this book.

– We read another exercise in Rod and Staff Grammar.  Orally we found adjectives and adverbs in sentences.

–  We read a section from Exploring Creation:  Land Animals of the Sixth Day.  It was about macropods.

IMG_6616 (Small)

We went to the computer to find images of different macropods.  While we were there we googled Youtube videos of boxing kangaroos and came across a fantastic video series about the growth of a joey.

IMG_6604 (Small)

When the washing machine beeped at me I gave the boys their bookwork and headed out to the clothes line, again.

– Brayden completed a page of subtraction with regrouping

– He also completed 3 pages of blends worksheets

IMG_6597 (Small)

– Ethan completed his page of Dailies (spot the error)

IMG_6602 (Small)

– Also his handwriting and spelling

IMG_6593 (Small)

–  Ethan also wrote two paragraphs for his Titanic report

IMG_6596 (Small)

This is part of a much larger report that he is working on.  He has already created his notes and structure.

IMG_6605 (Small)

– Brayden read aloud three of his readers to me

IMG_6618 (Small)

Once all of our bookwork was complete we snuggled on the couch again and enjoyed a beautiful picture book.  Ethan didn’t like that this book left him hanging.  I loved that he knew the expression.

IMG_6603 (Small)

We also put on our Latin cd and reviewed our newest vocabulary.

IMG_6607 (Small)

Lunch time crept up on us by this point so the boys enjoyed vegemite sandwiches while watching an episode of “Behind the News”

After lunch I showed the boys a census website I heard about.  They loved it and spent quite some time exploring it.

IMG_6598 (Small)

Once they finished exploring the website they joined me on the reading couch AGAIN for yet another book.  You might start to get the idea that we read a LOT.

We read a longish picture book about the Titanic.  This was a wonderful version of the story.  The text was realistic but the watercolour illustrations tone done the harsh reality of the story.  The boys hung on every word.

IMG_6622 (Small)

Little men then headed outdoors to run and play.  I folded washing, tidied the house, washed dishes and all those things.

In the evening, can you guess what we did instead of watching ‘the box’ (some people call it a tv)?  Yep.  More reading.  We read for quite some time from “Surviving Sydney Cove“.  It was a sad part of the story.  We’ll be finished this novel by Monday and ready to start a new one.

IMG_6620 (Small)

So that was our day on Friday.  We are winding up a little with bookwork but working frantically in other areas to get tasks finished before the end of the school year.  There are tasks however that continue on regardless of the time of year – like reading.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed our day.  We did.

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One response to “A Peek At Our Day Yesterday

  1. April

    November 23, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    I love reading about what other homeschoolers do during their day. You fit so much in! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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