Beastie Hungry For My Housie

16 Dec

The boys and I found ourselves an interesting looking bug the other day.  We’re always chasing after the critters that God sends our way to study.  But after studying and identifying this fellow…well he sent fear into my heart.  Do you know what he is?

IMG_6912 (Small)

Yes a termite…one of ten we found that day.  It’s not your stereotypical termite-looking fellow but don’t be deceived, he’s definitely a termite.  He’s an alate (minus his wings) – that is a winged fellow waiting to mate if he finds himself a mate.

My holiday peace and joy was temporarily stolen by this bug while we waited for the termite men to come and inspect our home.  All I could see was dollar signs falling out of a very large termite eaten crack in my house.  Home owners will understand my panic.  It was two very long days and I’ll admit I was cranky and on edge.  Even chocolate doesn’t take the edge off that panic.

But thankfully our God is good and our house was declared termite free by the professionals.  Phew!  We do not have an infestation at all.  The ten critters we found were all dead specimens and most likely just fellows that had flown in which is not uncommon (but usually goes unnoticed except in homes where people go around with magnifying glasses and bug catchers apparently…hehehe).

Our house is very well protected against these house-hungry beasties so it’s very unlikely that we’ll have problems with them in the near future but seeing them scared me half to death.

They don’t eat books do they?!!  No, please don’t answer that.  I couldn’t cope!!


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Posted by on December 16, 2011 in Family Life, Science


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