I’ve Been Slack

16 Dec

Oh boy.  I’ve been an incredibly slack blogger.  I’m surprised you’re not screaming at me…or at the very least checking to see if I’ve fallen off the planet.  Hehehe.  Rest assured I’m still here and perfectly well and happy…I’m just slack.  You see we’re in holiday mode.  No, not the frantic cookie baking, Christmas crafting and shopping spreeing type of holiday mode.  Oh definitely not.  In our household December means kicking back, lots of reading aloud and personal reading, sleeping in and staying up late, family movie nights, game playing, afternoon trips to the park for bike riding or trips to the beach, freely wasting time any way we choose and generally staying home and enjoying time together.   Ah this is the life…although I’ll admit that I can only cope with this kind of pace for so long.  By January I’ll be climbing the walls looking for things to clean and organise or plan.  For December though we are embracing the moment while sitting back and watching the frantic pace of everyone else.    The season is supposedly about peace and joy…well we were at the shopping centre on Thursday and saw none of that…certainly not in the carpark or in never ending queues and crowds.

So that’s what we’ve been up to – embracing joyful moments and enjoying the peace of life at home with my family.

But just for you, my readers, I’ll see if I can come up with some posts to fill up my December archives, which are looking decidedly empty. Gotta have something to read while you are kicking back.

Off to look for inspiration.

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Posted by on December 16, 2011 in Family Life


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