“We Miss You Magic Land” at GOMA

16 Dec

In our last week of school we went with dear friends to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to see the latest children’s exhibition, “We Miss You Magic Land”.

IMG_6832 (Small)

Ordinarily I’m full of praises for the children’s exhibitions at GOMA but I was disappointed with their latest offering.  The exhibitions are usually very interactive, which is ideal for children who need to touch and do, but this exhibit is almost purely a ‘look and don’t touch’ one.  The only marginally interactive and child-like element to the exhibit was a computer activity where the child had to make their own imaginative land.

IMG_6868 (Small)

Now don’t get me wrong.  It was a visually beautiful exhibit that you can view multiple times and see something new each time but it just wasn’t up to the same standards I’ve become used to at GOMA.

IMG_6855 (Small)
IMG_6835 (Small)
IMG_6885 (Small)
IMG_6840 (Small)
IMG_6883 (Small)

Thankfully there was another exhibition running at the same time that did have a wonderful interactive component, although the artist and some of her other works were questionable to say the least.  As we walked into the artwork (an originally completely white room) everyone was given a sheet full of colourful sticker dots and asked to help obliterate the white with our dots.  A rather dotty request, not unlike the artist, but boy did we have a wonderful time.  Now this is what we expect of GOMA – weird, wacky experiences that we can throw our whole shelves into.  If it hadn’t been for this activity our trip to GOMA would have been a dismissal experience.  Well actually not too much for us as we insured our experience by bringing our dear dear friends with us.  We could have been watching paint dry and we would have enjoyed the day with our friends.

IMG_6809 (Small)
IMG_6816 (Small)
IMG_6820 (Small)
IMG_6802 (Small)

Oh yes, we also ventured over to the ‘real’ art gallery.  You know the one where the artists can actually draw.  Hehehe.  The children were very very good and actually found all sorts of things that interested them – artists they had studied, pieces that appealed to them, places they had seen, interesting portraits and even a sleeping ‘on duty’ guard.

As we wandered around pieces like Degas and Picasso, the guards seemed to follow our crew of kiddies.  I’m guessing they are used to less well-behaved kidlings in their gallery.  One guard even came up and asked if we were lost and could she direct us to the children’s gallery.  Hehehe.  Yes, she seriously did.  It was in a room where the children were all actively looking at things that interested them, within a metre of so of their guardians, and not looking even the least bit lost or bored.

Sometimes you just have to laugh and smile as you break the previously held perceptions of others.  Maybe we should have mentioned that we were homeschoolers and she might have just sighed with relief and totally understood.  But then again that might have just added another quirky strike to our reputations.  Hehehe.

This was our final excursion for the school year, and because we were with friends, we could have gone anywhere and done anything and still had a most wonderful day.

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One response to ““We Miss You Magic Land” at GOMA

  1. Susan

    December 18, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    We had a lovely day joining you at GOMA and the “real” art gallery. Thanks for inviting us along!


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