Lifeline Bookfest Again!

14 Jan

It Lifeline Bookfest time again!

But I’ll admit, my heart wasn’t in it as much as in past years.  You come to a point where there just isn’t enough space in the house for random books.  You have to become very particular about what titles you give a home to.

I know.  You can’t believe what you are reading can you.

Still I couldn’t bring myself to not attend so I dragged the whole family there just have a little look around.


Of course we had to come home with something…well a few bags of somethings.  🙂


There were changes at the sales this year.  They removed all of the children’s books from the priced section and divided them out between the other two sections.  In some cases it made it cheaper but it most cases it made it more expensive.  Oh and ALL of the books in the priced section were $2.50, making the books in that section a lot more expensive.


So what did we spend Hubby’s hard earned cash on?


Computer books galore for Ethan

Several Science experiment titles

A smattering of faith and parenting titles



A new mini thesaurus since our current one is from when I was in grade 7

A few interesting looking read alouds – Aussie and Disaster focused mostly

A Mind Map book – I would have liked all of these but didn’t see any others

A couple of interesting animal titles


A book on how to play chess

The Essential 55 – read and enjoyed this book ages ago and decided it could have a space on my shelf


Some mind candy for Brayden

Some Franklin books we didn’t already own

and a book about the Chinese New Year.


I had a whole pile of other faith books in my ‘considering’ pile but when I googled their kindle price, it was much cheaper to buy them new as an ebook than second hand at the sales.   Did I have ponder for long whether I wanted the print version or ebook version?  Interestingly enough no.  My preference was for the kindle version.  How about that!  I know.  Wash my mouth out with soap but it’s true.  Even book lovers are slowing turning on the printed book.  How will the Lifeline Bookfests survive?


Posted by on January 14, 2012 in My Library


2 responses to “Lifeline Bookfest Again!

  1. Bernadette

    January 15, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I swear my 8th grade social studies teacher was named Linda Russo
    I wonder if your bookshelves are crying with relief at not being squished up so much, or with sadness at the thought of not so many new buddies?

  2. Heidi Wilson

    January 16, 2012 at 8:56 am

    I was drooling over that Superheros of the Bible book as I’m sure that would be right up James’ alley! I SO wish I could go to one of these book sales with you…


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