Assessment/Sample Ideas

20 Jan

I’ve decided to create a list of assessment/samples ideas to help prompt my thinking when I’m trying to create a list of appropriate tasks to set from which I can collect my work samples for my HEU reporting.  This is just a random brain download of ideas.  If you can think of more please let me know and I will add them.  The more ideas, the less traumatic reporting time will be…unless you haven’t collected any work samples and then I give you free reign to panic.  🙂

Here’s goes:

*  Comparison chart – identify things to compare, discuss similarities and differences,

*  Create a cartoon of an event – history

*  Portfolio of art work

*  Documentary report – video taped

*  Experiments – include write ups (materials, procedure, hypothesis, observations,


*  Webpage / webquest creation

*  Create a board game – to teach content in a subject

*  Write a journal/letter as a famous person or character, or journey

*  Make a map – saltdough, or hand drawn, or test (prior knowledge and later knowledge)

* Create a model /scale model

*  Musical composition or scores taken down by ear

*  Oral report

*  Write a play based on event

*  Video child playing musical instrument at a performance

*  Video poetry recitation

*  Designs, plans, drawings for an invention, lots of details, explanation of materials/processes to be used and why

*  Problem solving – great for Math but also for general problems; brainstorm options, list pros and cons of each and make an informed selection

*  For grammar, edit a poorly written paragraph

*  Create an experiment idea with different variables and conduct it (Science Fair type project)

*  Create an advertisement for a geographic location or event in history

*  Analyze/compare films and books

*  Collect, record and graph data – science, history, geography, math

*  Detailed road trip plans – map, selection of hotel and attractions, prices, comparisons, petrol, cost, time

*  Create a pamphlet, brochure or magazine – history, geography, science

*  Create a podcast

*  Write a letter for a real purpose – persuasive, complain, request, thanks

*  Video a debate held better homeschool friends or family

*  Pretend to be a character and hold a panel discussion to retrieve info from the character or famous person

*  Video child teaching a skill or content to another

*  Create a flow chart to show a procedure like how a bill becomes law

*   Create a concept map (mind map)

*  Put together a human body – glue in bones and organs, label and write a blurb about function of each

*  Healthy food choices menus – create good and bad menu, compare and explain

*  Write poetry

*  Have child write a multiple choice test and answer sheet

*  Create a crossword on a topic

*  Take measurements – water quality measurements, weather measurements, or measurements for a new garden or furniture rearrangement; video, annotate or create a record

*  Create a map and written directions

*  Create an interactive bulletin board/display to display at library

*  Plan and Create a bird/butterfly friendly garden (family friendly vegie patch) – research, prices, design, proposal, creation

*  Design an Olympic stadium – arena, size, shape, spectators, safety, appeal

*  Video a quiz

*  Use different graphic organizers to present information

*  Write an exposition (report) on an artwork

*  Write a recount of an event (something the child did)

*   Create a survey, collect data, graph data, analyse data, report

*  Create a treasure map on with coordinates.  Make landmarks.  Create coordinate directions to treasure.  Have someone test the map

*  Design and make a device that uses a simple electric circuit (series or parallel)

*  A “Benefits” poster – benefits of exercise, healthy eating, not smoking, etc

*  Design and make a model of an environmentally friendly building, give presentation of features or make a brochure to sell the features

*  Pretend to be a famous person/character and write a reflection on your life, what you did well and what you could have changed, improved

*  Photo essay

*  Three facts and a fib test – give reasons for their choice of which fact is false;  children could create these with an answer sheet for others to do

*  Today I learned postcards – draw picture/diagram on the front, explanation on the back

*  Make a set of trading cards – for different famous explorers, composers, types of gems, wonders of the world

*  Vocabulary poster – main word in the middle, add meaning, parts of speech, synonyms etc

*  Make a grammar picture book – explain basic parts of speech, examples, pictures, explanations, label, diagram

*  Alphabet report – list letters of the alphabet and facts to go with each letter (a bit odd but who knows)

*  Investigate the regular solids, their characteristics, where they can be found in the environment, build models

*  Work out how many heartbeats in one minutes, then an  hour, a day, compare at rest and active, investigate optimum beats, graph family beats

*  Create a powerpoint quiz, use hyperlinks

*  Argue for and against a topic

*  Mini movie report

*  News broadcast of a historical event or important discovery – video tape

*  Make a how-to book – publish it as a photo book perhaps

*  Make a list of fact or fiction statements to which the child has to agree or disagree and give reasons, describe an investigation to prove their point

*  Draw diagrams or labels pictures to explain a concept or event

*  Fact first questioning to prompt deeper thought on a topic eg.  Plants need sunlight to grow.  WHY do plants need sunlight to grow?

*  Acrostic concept poem eg  make an acrostic poem for a science concept or history event; the lines can be longer than normal


That’s all I’ve got for the moment but I’ll keep adding to this page as I come up with more ideas.   Please send me your ideas too.


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One response to “Assessment/Sample Ideas

  1. April

    January 20, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Wow, this is fantastic! I never thought there could be so many different ways to present a reporting sample. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. This is going to help me a lot. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything worthy of inclusion 😉


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