Seeds of Worship CDs

21 Jan

I have found a true treasure.

I should have included it in my new goodies post but these were special and deserved a post all of their own.

They are Seeds Family Worship CDs.

Seeds of Worship CDs help children memorise Scripture verses by putting God’s Word to music.  They’re brilliant.  You know how quickly you can get a jingle stuck in your head, well now you can get Scripture stuck in your head.

There are six volumes so far and I’ll be watching eagerly for any new releases.

What I particularly liked about these CDs is that they can be enjoyed by the whole family as the music isn’t childish at all.  On the contrary, I was bopping along to the music all the way to the shops yesterday.  People probably thought I was losing the plot, sing along at the top of my lungs.  It’s safe to do that in cars, you know…with the windows up.  🙂


When I opened the CD packaging I discovered something extra that made me fall in love with the CDs all over again.

There are TWO CDs in every volume – one to keep and one to share!!  Yes.  Truly.  See there on the sticker.

I was really excited when the CDs arrived but now I’m thrilled to pieces.   I get to share my latest favourite product with friends Hmmm I think I know who I’ll share them with.


There are all sorts of extra resources on their website.

There are chord charts which I’m guessing are for the musically talented folk…I won’t be needing those.  Thank goodness for CDs huh.  🙂

There are monthly newsletters jam packed with ideas for family worship and even a free song to download.

There are memory cards and verse checklists to use along with the songs.

AND you can even listen to the songs – no not samples, FULL songs – from the first three volumes.  (I’m listening as I type… 🙂  )


Now, before I go, I have to share my favourite song…so far.

It is stuck in my head and I can’t help but share 🙂

Hey, go and get the kids too.  Towards the end of the song they’ll teach you the actions.

Enjoy.  It’ll be hard not too.


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Posted by on January 21, 2012 in Bible and Faith


One response to “Seeds of Worship CDs

  1. Sheryll

    February 6, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    Here is a link to some printables suitable to the younger crowd:

    Love these too, I hadn’t seen all of the extra resources, thank you for the links. We often have these on in the background during the day. I come across these verses in my Bible reading and have to stop and sing the song to myself before I can go on!


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