First Day of School 2012

23 Jan

Would you believe that we got up early for our first day of school?  Like really early…for us.  We’ve been doing it for a whole week now so we’re only really running on one cylinder at present.

Boy you get a lot done in a day when you get up at that time, but boy the day seems really long when you’re on the back end of it.

While I did my morning chores and prepared breakfast, my boys read, now that their holiday tv/computer/ipod/ipad/electronics fix is cut off during the school week.  Oh rest assured, they have additional (beyond self-care) morning chores looming on the horizon.


To set the tone for our day I put on one of our Seeds Family Worship discs…the one with my favourite song of course.   I LOVE these discs.


Perfectly timed, as God always is, the song that was playing as we finished breakfast and were gathering our books to the couch for Bible reading, was this…


Okay, so everything wasn’t bliss, as it might seem in a post where I get to pick and choose what parts of our day you see.  🙂

Each year I like to do First Day Back school photos but enthusiasm for the beginning of the year was lacking…or perhaps that’s morningitis or the result of waking several hours before what’s normal.  Actually he does look tired doesn’t he?  Good.  It means he’ll fall asleep at a reasonable hour.  Hehehe.


Eventually I got one of these…


and these…

Then we hit the books.  We read from the Bible, we read about Noah in Nancy Ganz’s Genesis (highly recommend this series!), we read the first chapter in Boys and Girls Playing and a story from More Story Times with Grandma.

We love reading.  In fact the boys announced to me yesterday that they were only starting school if we only read….well…it was close to only reading.  Hey, what can I say.  I don’t do well with demands.


After reading we brushed up on some of our memorisation (Bible verses, books of the Bible and the commandments) which was really really rusty.  We really should have continued reviewing over the holidays, as I had planned, but never did.


Surprisingly the countries of Europe have stuck in their heads quite well.  We just need to add a few tiny places like Monaco, Andorra, San Marino etc and we will be ready to move onto Asian countries.


For History today I prepared a large map of the voyages of several explorers who came close to or stumbled upon the great south land.


As I read about these explorers from “Our Sunburnt Country” the boys used little boats to reenact their journeys.


This activity really pique the boys’ interest.  We were dashing from map to map.   For example, as we read about Dirk Hartog the boys wanted to find the island named after him so they dashed (boys never walk anywhere) to our map of Australia and there was a competition (another boy thing) to see who could find it first.

I learned so much from this lesson.  More than I ever did at school.  I hadn’t even heard of some of these men.  Hartog who?


Next up was a Latin review lesson.  We laid picture cards out on the floor and the boys had to match the Latin words to the picture.


They were a little rusty but that’s why we were reviewing before moving onto new lessons.


We also did a Latin notebooking lesson with our most recent set of words.  The boys did this while I bought in the dry washing (just before the weather turned miserable…lucky I got up early!) and made lunch.


During lunch the boys watched a new dvd from the Cat in the Hat educational series.  We enjoyed the books when the boys were smaller so we couldn’t resist checking these out even though we’re a little grown up for them.  Afterwards we’ll pass them onto my sister who teacher’s prep.  The preppies will adore them…but I think we’ll watch them a few more times yet.


It covered a good spread of topics – sand, whales, flowers, snow, silkworms and how animals bath.  The boys quite enjoyed it.


After lunch we started to fade.  I had planned a Math lesson and a handwriting lesson but I knew they would be poorly done if we continued so I set them aside for tomorrow.  Instead we enjoyed some more reading.  Ethan read two chapters from a Spy book I chose for him and Brayden read several easy readers to kick start his thinker.  Then we called it quits for the day.

The boys have been quietly and happily playing together in the playroom all afternoon.  Clearly they are exhausted.  Quietly!  Happily!  Together!  With no tale bearing!  Not an ounce of energy left over to be normal children.  Mummy’s a bit that way herself but the phone keeps ringing off the hook and interrupting my peace and quiet.  There must be an alarm that goes off every time I get close to the lounge.


Oh and guess what I found at my door today!!


Our final box of school books and goodies…looking a little worse for wear though.


I taunted the boys that we could in fact start our Math texts today.  I was met with this…

Look at all of these goodies and I haven’t had a moment to check them out yet.  Phooey.  I think I’ll take that phone off the hook tonight (just to be on the safe side) and snuggle up on my lounge to ooh and aahh at our books.


Well that was our first day back at school.  A little slow off the starts but give us time for the momentum to build.  We’ll get there…if we can stay awake long enough that is.  Heheheh.

Did anyone else start back today?














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4 responses to “First Day of School 2012

  1. kerrie

    January 23, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    No wonder they look Pooped!!!! I am tired from reading!
    great start to the day Tracey! we started slowly a couple of weeks ago… slowlygetting my groove on!

  2. Tracey

    January 23, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Hehehe…they have boundless energy so I figure that means I can work them really hard. Hehehe.

  3. Missy

    January 23, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Nope. Today I sent my kids to Grandma’s for a week. Hope I’ll be organised by next week. BTW did my questions about memory work come through on your ‘contact me’ page? I’d love some thoughts if you have time, and since you’re getting up so early these days I bet you have heaps of spare time!

  4. Tracey

    January 23, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Hi Missy,

    No, I didn’t get your memory work questions. Someone must be eating my emails…although I’ve had other email thru the contact page recently and they arrived safely. Hmmm…. Try emailing them to me directly:


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