Day 3 and 4

26 Jan

Yes I made them work on Australia Day.  Hey, why not.  I bet Captain Arthur Phillips’ men were working hard on the 26th January 1788.  They weren’t relaxing by the ocean, enjoying a game of beach cricket and stoking up the BBQ with lamb chops.  At least that’s what I told my little men.  When they protested further I told them that only kids in school get public holidays.  They had to think about that for a while but it gave me just the right amount of time to get them working.  Heheheh.  Oh I didn’t work them too hard and it all related to the commemoration of the day.  So that makes it all okay, doesn’t it?

Here’s a recap of the past two days:

Rain!  Lots of rain!  Torrential, non-stop rain.  Flooding rain…but thankfully not flooding at my house.  But it did cause us to cancel our excursion plans.  Some very unhappy children but the wise decision was to stay off the roads.


Lots of reading was done.  Would you expect anything different?!

Ethan also polished off the novel he started on Monday.


We put pencil to paper several times – Dailies, Math facts and handwriting.

Oh and whiteboard crayon to board.


We did a little incidental Math after the boys’ watched an episode of Numbers Count.  The episode was about factors and multiples so I thought, why not show them how to do factor trees.


We watched a few educational show – Numbers Count, Cyberchase and a couple of Brainpop episodes.

OH yes, we also had a movie night where we watched, “A Night to Remember” –  an older much, much better version of the Titanic story.


On Australia Day we read “Our Australian Story” of course…hehehe.  We read again about the First Fleet, their journey, their landing at Botany Bay and their claiming of Australia at Sydney Cove.


While I read, the boys coloured flags and an image of Captain Arthur Phillip raising the Union Jack.


I also asked the boys to explain what Australia Day means.  This is Brayden’s narrated response:


And Ethan’s.  Short and sweet since he had to write it…on a public holiday and all.  Hehe.


While little men resist what they perceive as work, on a public holiday, they are happy to sit and listen to whatever books I can find to read to them.


We also listened to “Botany Bay” as we followed along in this book.


And we enjoyed Dorothea Mackellar’s “My Country”.  I think this is a poem we’ll add to our “Must Learn” list.


Just for fun we read “The Loaded Dog” by Henry Lawson, a famous Australian author and poet.  The boys found the story hilarious, as the dopey dog ‘retrieves’ a stick of  dynamite and joins his overly excited human friends in a most exciting dash all over the countryside.


To finish off our Australia Day activities, Brayden and I made lamingtons.


See, there was a reward for all that hard work on a public holiday…much better than time and a half, wouldn’t you say?  🙂


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3 responses to “Day 3 and 4

  1. Carolina

    January 27, 2012 at 11:12 am

    I wholeheartedly agree with you (as always), why not make them work on a public holiday, they will get holidays when other kids are at school 🙂 We’re starting Singapore maths very soon – am looking forward to it!!!

  2. Tracey

    January 27, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Oh I’m glad I have someone’s support. I was wondering if I might have sounded like an old ogre after I posted this. The boys worked quite happily once I get the ball rolling.

  3. Ruby

    January 27, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Looks like every one had a very fine day! We also read Aussie poetry during the week. My boys 12 & 14 not so loving Australian Bush ballads as I do
    😦 I should definitely give them a taste of The Loaded Dog though to tickle the funny bone.


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