Two Cleaning Tips

07 Feb

I have two cleaning techniques that I use regularly and I thought I’d share them with you, since sometimes the obvious stuff is the stuff we overlook in our efforts to find a miraculous solution to the mess.

My first tip is a cooking one.  When I’m about to cook I pull out everything I will need, from ingredients to utensils and place it on the bench.  This is more of a time saver than a cleaning method.  I then fill the sink with hot soapy water in preparation for the mess (others might ensure the dishwasher is unloaded and ready for dirty dishes).  Now, here comes the tip part (remember, it really is obvious so don’t expect too much of an ah-ha moment) …  as I add the ingredients I put each away immediately after use and then I wash the measuring cup or spoon in the sink and set it to dry.  When I finish cooking I am never left with a huge mess.  In fact all I have to do is wipe the bench over and I am done…well aside from any dishes we might use to eat from.

My second tip is one that will work in any area of the house if you can cope with cleaning a little at a time.  You see, I can’t bear the thought of wasting money on a cleaning service when I am home all day but I had overlooked that I already feed and house my very own little cleaning team.  How on earth do I get them to clean, beyond their usual chores?  Ah, this is the tip part.  Multiple times a day the boys will come and ask me for things – can we have this and can we do that.  Well very little is free in this world you know, so when a little man comes and asks if he can do or have x, y or z, I ponder it thoughtfully (which makes them think there’s a chance they might miss out…hehehe) and then offer up my deal, which might be something like, “Well if you’d pick up those Legos that have been left on the mat, then you can use the computer”.  This works a treat.  With their self-imposed carrot dangling over their head, my little men will do just about anything.  Ordinarily I only ask them to clean things that they themselves messed up but I’ve also asked them to do minor household chores like clean the bathroom mirrors, take out the bin, swish and swipe the toilet bowl or check the house for dirty dishes that haven’t made it to the sink.  The key is to select something that is quick and easy to complete, unless it’s a major toy mess they’ve left, in which case they don’t deserve a treat until it has been cleaned.

So there you go – two cleaning tips from our household.


P.S.  There is no ‘miraculous’ solution to mess, certainly not if you have children in the house.  Just thought I’d mention it so you can give up looking for it and get to work cleaning.  Yes, I hear your groans.   Hehehehe.


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3 responses to “Two Cleaning Tips

  1. Mandy

    February 8, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Tracey, its all so obvious…but hearing/reading it from you empowers me to get that Dd of mine doing a few odd jobs. I now won’t be swayed by ” I’m not Cinderella…” from a 9 year old
    Love your blog
    Blessings Mandy

  2. Bernadette

    February 8, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    lol, I have a magnet on my fridge which reads “A clean house is no place to raise children” 🙂 after a day of tag-team-terror from my crew, it’s sometimes all i have left to hang on to my sanity 😉

  3. Tracey

    February 8, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    A good tip I heard was to leave the vacuum cleaner lying near the front door so if anyone turns up unexpectedly you could tell them you were just in the process of cleaning and you’ll have evidence to prove such a thing…heheheh.

    Oh a sign I’ve seen and loved was something like, “A clean house is the sign of a broken computer”. Too true.


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