Don’t We Need Homeschooling Legislation to Protect Against Abuse?

16 Feb

I stumbled across this little gem while reading here in cyberland.

It comes from the second issue of Classical Homeschooling Magazine.  The article was titled, “Classical Vs. Modern Education:  The Principal Difference” and it was written by Patrick Carmack.

I had to post it here in the romantic notions that perhaps the education department will read it and consider the error (okay, one of the errors) of their ways (and pigs might fly…but since the evolutionists have us coming from a puddle of goop who knows what is on the horizon for pigs).  🙂

What of the  genuinely “abusive” home situation or parent? Hard cases make bad law. Because some men are thieves does not mean all men ought to be put in prison. A few rotten apples does not mean we all should quit eating apples. If the alleged abuse is real, then the state may step in, and some sort of public schooling may be the only alternative. But this the unnatural case – says nothing about the norm, about how children should be educated in the vast majority of families where they are loved. In those families in does not “take a village” it only takes a loving family.

So what do you think?  Do you think we need homeschooling legislation?  Is it an acceptable yoke for the majority to ensure the education and welfare of the minority?  Hmmm….interesting.

Just something to ponder as you go about your day today.











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