A Boy Who Reads…A Mumma’s Delight

20 Feb

This is the boy who I battled with over learning to read.

For a year or so I dragged him through beginning readers and lamented to his Daddy that I was sure I’d go grey in this process.

Lots would say it was an awful thing to do – to ‘teach’ him to read when he obviously wasn’t keen, which they conclude means ‘not ready’.

Well the results speak for themselves.

No damage done!!!

….unless you count the night time battles of “Please put your book down and go to sleep.  It’s nearly midnight!!”

You see it was the ‘work’ he was opposed to, not the ‘learning to read’.

If I’d waited until reading naturally fell into place (if it ever did), he’d have lost all of these wonderful years where he has the time to lose himself in a great book.

Don’t listen to popular homeschooling belief!   Teach your little ones to read!

They’ll love you for it

…so will the local bookstore…if you can find one.  🙂











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2 responses to “A Boy Who Reads…A Mumma’s Delight

  1. Erin

    February 20, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    Having successfully taught 5 children to read and am now teaching child 6 & 7, I have lots of thoughts about reading. and yes I’ve read lots of books on the topic too.
    Keep working at it, it is hard work at some stage plug away, some days you have to push a little, some days back off, but be regular about it. However the matter we can’t control is when they click. One day it just happens, earlier, much earlier for some than others.
    I still don’t know the answers despite teaching 7 to read, a combination of many factors. what I do know is earlier readers and later readers can often met around the age of 11.

  2. Tracey

    February 20, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Oh I agree. With Ethan it took him six whole weeks before he understood that c-a-t made the word cat. He could sound it out and sing all the sounds together but could not, for the life of him, hear “cat” in it all. Then one day the penny dropped and we were off.

    He also stuck with beginning reader for what seemed like forever but we just kept practising everyday. Some days he’d tolerate a few readers and other only one but he knew reading was a constant in his life. Then he seemed to know all these new words all of a sudden and we moved up to harder books and within months he was onto novels, just like that.

    Brayden is working through the same process now. He’s been on beginning readers for a long time but something is clicking with him at the moment and I think I’m seeing the light at the end of this long, long tunnel.

    (In this area, I’m just a tad glad there are only two to teach. Hehehe.)

    This too is the beauty of homeschool. At school our ‘long long tunnel’ guys would be smacked with a label, pulling the wheels off their little trains. That makes it near impossible to make it through the tunnel!! They become the ‘little trains that couldn’t…because their teacher said so”. That’s story has a sad ending.

    Thank goodness for homeschooling.


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