What Do We Give Up to Homeschool? (Part 2)

03 Mar

The forum chat has continued.   Many people shared from a positive perspective but now some ladies, who are finding homeschooling tough and not so rosy, have responded.  So there are those on one side who say they don’t really miss anything and those on the other focusing on the many things they miss but can’t embrace because of homeschooling.  It’s interesting because they are not really folk on different side of a fence but woman on two sides of the very same coin.  We are all one and the same and each other of us has been on that difficult side of the coin but in time it flipped to the rosier side, although it can be hard to keep it from toppling back.  These are the thoughts I shared with them.

(I know.  How lazy of me to count my forum posts as a blog post too.  Hey, busy homeschool mums need to be efficient and a tad lazy at times…heheheh)

This issue reminds me of exercise.  It’s good for everyone but we each approach it in different ways.  Some jump gungho into exercise and make it their lives.  Other do it because they understand the health benefits and have a good daily routine going.  Some are forced into exercise because of health issues.  For them it’s a distasteful way to spend time, but a necessary evil.  Often they need a trainer to keep them on track and tell them what to do.  Others can think of nothing worse than exercise and they don’t want to hear about the health benefits, and will probably try and tell you that sitting on the couch reading a great book burns just as many calories as exercise.

Homeschooling is the same.  Some of us never considered school and live and breath homeschooling.  Others went with homeschooling but aren’t the type to read every book written about it.  Many find themselves having to homeschool once the school system fails their children.  They often find the path extra difficult and need outside support.  But most of the population think school is grand and would never homeschool their children…ever!

Exercise, in the early days, causes every muscle in your bone to scream and throb…particularly if this kind of activity is foreign to you or you have underlying issues that make exercise really really challenging.  Just as homeschooling in the early days is really hard work that tempts you at every corner to give up…made all the more difficult when your children have challenging needs, your finances are tentative, your health or your family’s health is a worry.  But if we persist with our exercise (or homeschooling) and push through the pain, getting extra support if we need it, then things do become easier.   You’ll enjoy it more but it’ll still be hard work and you’ll sweat and strain (and cry and turn grey) and almost definitely have an injury here and there (aka new homeschool obstacles to overcome).  Once you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you find some sort of groove.  But you have to work hard at keeping everything moving forward and your days won’t be without troubles.  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  If it’s extra hard, it’s probably even more worthwhile.

I think the challenge with our forum posts is that we’re all coming from different points on our journeys and we’re each carrying different loads, some more challenging than others.  Yet we’re each trying to answer the same question and can’t easily relate to the opposing views, thinking that the view should be the same for each of us, or at least similar, if we’re all on the same path.  I think the alternate views are important though, especially for those about to start out on the journey.  It’s not that they are going to see one or the other view, but a combination of each over their years.

Those of us who have seen the better views are going to be able to focus on that and those that are still climbing the hill, learning to juggle their many challenges, aren’t going to be easily able to focus on anything other than their pain and struggles.  It’s at times like this when those with a better view need to remember the path they too trod and reach out to those seeing the bottom end of things, and those struggling and seeing the bottom end of things need to look up and see the possibilities.

I think the original question has fostered a lot of good thoughts and reminders that we’re all in this thing together even though we’re each at different points.  Our points of view on the question show our different perspectives based on where we are on our paths and the points at which need the most support to keep them going and those who are most able to give the support.

How’s your exercise regime going?

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Posted by on March 3, 2012 in Homeschooling Thoughts


One response to “What Do We Give Up to Homeschool? (Part 2)

  1. Catherine

    March 4, 2012 at 8:57 am

    What an interesting discussion. 🙂

    I had so many friends asking me about missing out on ‘me time’ and other things because I’d be homeschooling (we’ve homeschooled from the beginning).

    But, I’ve looked at this as my current job. I’m committed to seeing it through for the entire period, and know we’ll have lots of positives mixed with negatives.

    It’s not a luxurious time, but one that does take effort if you want an excellent end result.


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