Where Have I Been?

07 Apr

Nowhere.  Right here.

We’re on Easter holidays at present.  Two weeks of unscheduled days.

How have we been spending out time since clearly I haven’t been blogging?  Oops.  Sorry.

Well, Liam taught the boys to play Chess and they are getting pretty good at it too.  We’re also started board game nights.  This week we played our first game of Trivial Pursuit (family edition).  I came last.  😦  Why do trivia games always include questions about sport and pop culture?!  And why do I always land on those questions?!  Sigh. It was also plainly obvious that I am raising boys, just like myself, who know nothing about tv, music or sport stars.  But it bought many a good laugh.  Can you believe Ethan’s winning question was, “What device would you be using if you used a mouse to move a cursor?”.  Yes.  Truly.

We’ve also spent time with extended family, celebrating birthdays and doting on their pets…since none of my siblings have blessed me with nieces and nephews yet.   Puppies and kittens just aren’t the same.

I’ve spent time cleaning and decluttering and have plenty more plans in that department.  These holidays are about cleaning the insides of things.  The house itself is often clean enough but what lurks behind cupboard doors is…well…less than clean enough shall we say.  So I’ve been in there pulling everything out, throwing stuff out, wiping things down and replacing everything in order.

We’ve had skin specialist appointments to have our skins’ checked for nasties, an annual excursion.  Plus our usual errands – groceries and library.

Oh and I gave up chocolate completely and not just for a duration of time.  Well that’s the plan.  I’m full of plans.  Now wouldn’t it be nice if pharmacies sold “Chocolate addiction withdrawal patches”?  Hehehehe.

We’ve also been reading a LOT.  We don’t consider reading part of school, but part of life, so reading never stops on holidays.  It increases!  Liam’s been reading aloud to the boys during the day, as have I.   Our bedtime read alouds have been longer since no one needs to get up early in the morning.  And at various times in the day we can all be found somewhere reading something.  Me, I’ve been reading the Hunger Games to see what the hype is all about.  People have said it’s nothing but evil.  Other have said it’s just a book, like any other.  To decide what I thought I read the books.  Well I’m two thirds through and I’m liking it.  It’s not as horrible as people will have you believe.   (Although the visual images the movie would contain probably are pretty horrible.) Yes it’s set in a horrible society but the characters are fighting against the status quo and there’s actually quite a lot of admirable qualities within the pages.  I don’t think it’s appropriate for the intended target audience but I think it’d be a good discussion piece for later teens, although the quality of writing is more suited to early teens.  You’re not going to strain any brain cells reading it, which is why it has made great holiday reading.  🙂

We’ve also been celebrating God’s feasts.  Last night we celebrated Passover.  At first it felt a little odd (almost naughty) to be feasting on a lamb roast while my Catholic extended family were not eating meat for Good Friday.  But as the day progressed I began to understand how perfectly harmonious both days were – Passover and Good Friday.  Both were to remember the blood that was shed for our salvation.   Our Passover meal is not a full seder meal, but a less formal family celebration over a roast meal, discussion of the significance of the meal, followed by dessert saved for special days only and then some family time playing “Kids Ten Commandments” board game, followed by a movie night.

On my holidays I’ve also been pondering, planning and preparing homeschooling for term two.  Well truthfully I haven’t done a lot of this.  It’s mostly been in my head and adding to my growing list of things to do next week.  I have updated and completed my homeschool diary for term one though and have begun my term summary.  So there has been some work completed.

Aside from all of this we’ve been enjoying the peace and productiveness of holidays at home.  We’re not go, go people unless there is a reason to be going and doing.  We do go away on holidays occasionally but not like seemingly the majority of society who feel the ‘need’ to go and do something every chance they get.  Or who need to spend their holidays ‘entertaining’ their children.  Have you been inside a shopping centre during the holidays?  Then you’ll know what I mean.  I couldn’t get over the number of people in the toy stores buying their children stuff to keep them quiet for the holidays.  No, that’s not our chosen world.  My little men have been off amusing themselves.  They’ve built marble runs, built up several jigsaw puzzles, played Lego, drawn a stack of things, one created their own board game and the other played it with them, they’ve read, gone for long bike rides every afternoon with Daddy, and surely have done a stack of other things I’m not even aware of.  Such is the standard pattern for our holidays.

So that’s where I’ve been.  Here at home.  Living quietly and happily and not chasing my tail.  Actually my little men and their Daddy have just headed off for their afternoon bike ride.  It’s just me and the Willy Wag Tail hopping around on my back patio twittering his stories from his day.  Hmmm I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea and curl up on the lounge with a good book.

Happy holidays!


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2 responses to “Where Have I Been?

  1. JoAnn

    April 8, 2012 at 3:54 am

    Sounds like a great time and that you are accomplishing a lot. We only took a week of, but it was a great week. Glad you are having a good one too.

  2. Elsa

    April 10, 2012 at 9:10 am

    It sounds perfectly ideal!


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