Term One 2012 Summary

08 Apr

Another term completed.  The year is just flying past.  To capture the term, before it disappears from memory, I’ve written down our achievements for the term.  I do this every term as it gives me a good overview of how the term measured up.  It’s also my way of pondering where we’ve been and where we have yet to go.  From this summary I’ll be able to make plans for term 2, something which is quickly bearing down on me.

Enjoy your walk-through of our term.



*  Read through and discussed the Gospels of Mark, Luke and John in the Bible

*  Read and finished “Boys and Girls Playing”

*  Continued reading Nancy Ganz’ “Genesis” and “More Storytime with Grandma”

*  Read “The Priest With Dirty Clothes” and “The Parable of King”

*  Listened to character focused “Adventures in Odyssey” audio stories

*  Continued learning and reviewing our Bible verses and the Books of the Bible

*  Thoroughly enjoyed our new Seeds Family Worship cds


*  Ethan –

*  Completed a term of Singapore Math 4A exercises covering multiples, common multiples, factors, common factors, place value for larger numbers, rounding to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand, multiplication, , fractions, simplifying fractions, common denominators, addition and subtraction of fraction with like and unlike denominators, least and greatest fractions, ordering fractions and equivalency

*  Life of Fred Fraction – completed the first seven chapters covering less than and greater than, billions and millions, cardinal and ordinal numbers, conversion from inches to feet to yards, diameter and radius, budgeting, doubling, and halves and quarters.

*  Bradyen –

*  A term’s worth of exercises from Singapore Math 2B covering mental addition and subtraction (in hundreds), missing numbers, multiplication and division with 4s, 5s and 10s, converting money from dollars to cents and problem solving in all of these areas

*  Both boys –

*  Dailies (Ethan – addition with regrouping, subtraction with regrouping, 2 digit+ by 2 digit+ multiplication, short division and long division;  Brayden – addition with regrouping, subtraction with regrouping, multiplication and division facts)

*  Practise skip counting patterns to the 8s

*  Practised measurement conversions (mm-cm-m-km, ml-l, mg-g-kg-t, sec-min-hours, days in year/leap year, days in month etc)

*  Practised names of 2D shapes (polygons with different number of sides) and 3D shapes and features

*  Read super large numbers

*  Watched weekly episodes of “Cyberchase” and “Numbers Count”

*  Began Life of Fred elementary series, “Edgewood” – read about trapeziums, rhombuses, ordinal, cardinal, greater than, less than, medium average)

*  Practised multiplication and division facts through daily number fact sheets, copywork for number facts, utilising a multiplication fact app on the ipad, utilising the Flashmaster and chanting the facts

*  Completed a mini unit on factor trees

*  Read about leap years

*  Watched several MathTacular dvds, (vol 3 was the most popular)

*  Utilised various ipad apps teaching combinations to ten, multiplication facts, roman numerals and general math facts

*  Read “Zachary Zormer Shape Transformer” and explored mobius strips, sharing what we learned with friends

*  Read the mobius strips chapter from “The Adventures of Penrose”

*  Began lessons in the new Math text “Beast Academy” completing the first lesson on angles (acute, obtuse and right angles)


*  Ethan –

*  Wrote IEW reports on Vivaldi, fireworks, Youtube, the historical need for fast computers, and Y2K

*  Read all of the Spy Dog and Spy Pup series of novels (12 in total)

*  Wrote a summary of the first Spy Dog book he read

*  Read aloud to Daddy a chapter a night from various novels

*  Brayden –

*  Wrote dictated sentences using spelling words

*  Wrote several illustrated stories in a style similar to his readers

*  Wrote a paragraph about himself

*  Worked on the sound patterns – ing, ang and ong

*  Read aloud from 82 different leveled readers

*  Completed an Explode the Code workbook

*  Both –

*  Learned a different form of cursive, practising on the whiteboard, in a workbook, and through writing jokes and quotes

*  Read Henry Lawson’s “Loaded Dog” and Dorothea Mackellar’s “My Country”

*  Started our “Logic of English” curriculum

–  Reviewed all the different sounds of each letter

–  Learned the phonograms ee, ea, ng, th, sh, ai, ay, oi, oy, er and or

–  Learned about the suffixes er and est

–  Counted the syllables in words

–  Worked with nouns, adjectives and articles

–  Learned the spelling of lists of words for dictation and weekly tests

–  Learned various spelling rules

*  Learn the poem “Do it” and reviewed all of our poems from last year

*  Reviewed our grammar definitions

*  Read through half of Grammarland

*  Completed Rod and Staff exercises on adjectives, adverbs and the correct usage of ‘well’ and ‘good’

*  Read “Sincerely Yours:  Writing Your Own Letters” and wrote letters to friends and addressed their envelopes

*  Visited the library to borrow books each week

*  Listened to the audio story, “20 000 Leagues Under the Sea” and watched the dvd

*  Listened to the audio story, “Toad Rage”

*  Read the book “The Lorax” and went to view the movie


*  Learned to play Chess

*  Completed Mind Benders book 2 and loved them


*  Regularly reviewed all of our previous vocabulary and verbs

*  Completed the final lessons and notebooking pages for “Song School Latin”

*  Explored the use of Latin on a moon map

*  Explored, incidentally, the links between Latin and the meaning of English words


*  Regularly reviewed the countries of Europe and began learning the countries in Asia

*  Blitzed a test on the countries of Europe

*  Reviewed continents, oceans and significant lines

*  Read and worked through “The Great Global Puzzle Challenge with Google Earth”

*  Watched all of the “My Beautiful House” dvds

*  Utilised Brainpop to learn about topics such as longitude, latitude, time zones, leap years, daylight savings etc

*  Read and summarised (using a postcard format) chapters 1, 2 and 3 of “A Child’s Geography” (an overview of the earth from the space, the lower atmosphere and the upper atmosphere)

*  Read and explored “Time Zones” by David Adler

*  Read books about Venice

–  “Papa Piccolo”

–  “Marco Polo Was Here”

–  “Olivia Goes to Venice”

–  “Zoe Sophie’s Scrapbook”

–  “Carnival at Candlelight” from the Magic Tree House series

–  “Vendela in Venice”

*  Watched two tourist dvds about Venice


*  Completed lessons, experiments/activities, written reviewed (and the final test) from chapters 1 to 11 in Dr Jay Wile’s “Science in the Creation Week” in the Unit on light

–  Let There Be Light  (reflection)

–  The Colours in Creation  (white light, colours of the rainbow)

–  Absorbing and Reflecting  (absorption)

–  Light and Energy  (different forms of energy – radiant, chemical, thermal and mechanical)

–  Learning More about Light that is Reflected and Absorbed  (scattering light, focusing light, mirrors)

–  Energy Conversion in Creation  (Law of Energy Conservation)

–  More on the Law of Energy Conservation  (batteries, electrical energy, energy conversions)

–  The Light You Don’t See  (infrared light, visible and invisible light, electromagnetic spectrum, ultraviolet light)

–  How the Human Eyes Sees  (cornea, lens, retina, rods and cones, optic nerve, blind spot, microwaves)

–  Reflection, Absorption and What Else?  (transmission, transparency)

–  How the Amount of Light Affects What You See?  (effects of the amount of light)

*  Watched weekly episodes of “Backyard Science” and “Science Clips” often completed activities for themselves

*  Watched “Inquisikids” dvds and often completed activities for themselves

*  Watched “Experimentals:  Science for Kids” dvd and completed numerous activities

*  Watched a cane toad documentary and shared the information about dogs and cane toads with their aunty who owns a dog

*  Watched Brainpop episodes about light, energy, the electromagnetic spectrum and various others

*  Watched dvds “Up and Away” and “Wings and Things”

*  Visited the Museum, explored the Discovery Centre and attended a lecture on Stick Insects

*  Visited the Science Centre to participate in the “Whodunit?” exhibit

*  Discussed different types of rocks – sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic – and their Latin meanings

*  Read “Let’s Go Rock Collecting” and explored a set of rock samples


*  Read chapters of “Our Sunburnt Country” that focused on early maritime exploration of Australia

*  Created notebook pages for Quiros and Torres, Hartog and Tasman

*  Read Jackie French’s “Shipwrecks, Sailors and 60 000 years”

*  Created a mind map of the early maritime explorers

*  Read chapters of “Our Australian Story” that focused on the first fleet and wrote a summary of the information

*  Coloured an Australia flag

*  Read “Uncommon Fine Day”

*  Read “Farewell to Old England” and listened to a recording of “Botany Bay”

*  Read Jackie French’s “Grim Crims and Convicts”

*  Read “The Migrant Mouse”

*  Listened to cd called “First Settlement”

*  Read “Rum Rebellion” from the My Australian Story series

*  Read “Elizabeth MacCarthur” from Famous Australians series

*  Watch an episode of My Place each week (the latest series focuses on early Australia)

*  Watched “Amazing Aussies” episode of Horrible Histories

*  Read a chapter about Samuel Morse in “Great Inventors and Their Inventions”

*  Read “Tonight on the Titanic” from the Magic Tree House series

*  Watched the dvd, “A Night to Remember”, the classic, much more accurate version of the Titanic story

*  Watched two documentaries about Atlantis

*  Ethan wrote an IEW report on Atlantis

*  Read “Atlantis”, “Atlantis:  Lost City”, “Hercules” and Plato’s Dialogues that describes Atlantis

*  Enjoy the Disney Atlantis dvds

*  Used Google Earth to locate the Straits of Gibralter and Google to answer their questions about the “pillars of Hercules”

*  Utilised Brainpop to learn about the Titanic (completing the review questions also) and the Holocaust

*  Utilised the book “Auschwitz” to begin a discussion about the Holocaust

*  Read “Erika’s Star” about the Holocaust



*  Watched “Behind the News” each week and often participated in their weekly online polls

*  Watched the short “Prime Ministers” program on ABC Education

*  Discussed and paid keen attention to the election campaign, read campaign brochures from each party, attended the polling booths and watched parts of the election commentary on tv

*  Learned about dog and kitten care as part of caring for each for a duration


*  Completed five Mark Kistler Mini Marshmallow drawing lessons

*  Used paddlepops freely to create their own constructions, including photo frames

*  Use paper machie to cover a basic balloon shape to decorate

*  Used large sheets of cardboard to create collaborative murals with friends


*  Read and listened to “Maximus Musicus”

*  Listened to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” many times

*  Listened to Classical Kids, “Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery”

*  Listened to Ann Rachlin’s, “Seasons’ Greeting” (about a musical narration of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”)

*  Read

–  “I Vivaldi”

–  “Vivaldi” (and listened to the accompanying cd)

–  “Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra”

–  “Anna Maria’s Gift”

*  Ethan wrote an IEW report on Vivaldi

*  Enjoyed explored the music they could make on the musical ship in the park

*  Regularly enjoyed worship music at Church, in the home and particularly from Seeds Family Worship cds

Physical Education:

*  Attended weekly private swimming lessons

*  Enjoyed swimming in a friend’s pool

*  Regular trips to the beach to enjoy the surf

*  Regular long bike rides with Daddy

*  Regular afternoons playing at playgrounds with friends

*  Scootering, exploring bushland with friends, running and playing in the botanic garden and other parks

*  Regular general trampolining, swinging, and backyard play




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7 responses to “Term One 2012 Summary

  1. Heidi Wilson

    April 8, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    WOW!! This leaves me breathless, stunned and slightly ashamed at how our first term for the year panned out! I KNOW I was 3rd trimester of my pregnancy through most of the term… AND James is a bit younger than your boys but WOW!! I have a lot of thinking, processing, and planning to do if I EVER want his learning to get to a point that even comes close to this!!

  2. Tracey

    April 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    It takes a while to work up to it. I didn’t start out with summaries like these when the boys were little. Gosh I spent a lot of my time trying to catch the little rascals so I could do any work with them. Hehehe. It’s a bit like exercise. In the beginning 5 minutes of mild exercise leaves you lame for a week, but as time goes on your body gets used to enduring more for longer, in fact your body demands it in order to get the same benefits. Homeschooling is very much the same.

  3. JoAnn

    April 10, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Wow, what a detailed list. Looks like you got a lot done. 🙂

  4. Kirsji

    April 11, 2012 at 2:58 am

    As a teacher, I read your blog with interest and find that …
    Kidding! 🙂

    Wow! That’s all I can say … “Wow!”
    And “Busy!” When do y’all sleep? 🙂 You get so much done!

    I love reading the amazing things other people do in their homeschools!

  5. Tracey

    April 11, 2012 at 10:52 am

    Don’t you mean “with ‘some’ interest”…heheheh…oh we are bad.
    You should warn me when you are going to write stuff like this though. I spat tea all over the scream as I gasped out a laugh. Hehehe.

  6. Monika Durand

    June 28, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    wow this is awesome, you are such a excellent teacher. do you have earlier summaries? for prep and grade 2 age?

    • Tracey

      June 29, 2015 at 1:37 am

      I think I’ve done summaries for every term of each year. But they won’t be for those very young years as I hadn’t started blogging at that age. I kept daily journals back then (which was totally unmanageable) so I have all of that data. In my files I have found some summaries for term 1 and 2 of 2008, for my eldest when he was turning 7. Would you like me to email them to you? Should I use your hotmail email or another? If you use the contact page on this blog, and click on the little envelope, it privately emails me and then I can send you the files using the email you sent from. Gosh, looking back at those old summaries just shows how much our homeschooling has changed over the years. I want to go back and tell myself to read more, lots more! 🙂


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