Ethan’s Titanic Report

21 Apr

In honour of the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, here is Ethan’s report about Titanic.  He independently wrote this last year.  He actually turned it into a Powerpoint presentation as well.  This was written before he knew much about clincher sentences.  He was so pleased and proud of his work (so was I) that he didn’t feel that it needed any tweaking so we embraced his efforts.


Titanic:  A Ship which Killed lots of People

By Ethan


The Titanic was built in 1911 in Northern Ireland to travel the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was the largest passenger ship at that time.  It was 12 stories high and 3 football fields long. It was thought to be unsinkable.

The Titanic was going on its maiden voyage, which means its first voyage. The last passenger boarded April 10, 1912. Two thousand and two hundred passengers boarded the titanic. The first class passengers were so rich that they stayed at the top of the ship.  They paid $4,350 to stay in the grandest part of the ship.  Second class passengers paid only $65 and third class paid only $35. Third class was called steerage and it was crowded. Titanic was set to go to New York, US from Southampton, England, stopping first in France and Ireland to get more passengers.   What they didn’t know was that they were headed for the bottom of the sea!

On the fated night the crew were told to watch for icebergs but it was very dark and the sea was so calm they could not see the waves making the icebergs visible.  The other problem was that the biggest part of the iceberg, and the most dangerous part, was under the water where no one could see it. At midnight on April 14 the Titanic struck an iceberg. The people on the Titanic were not worried because they were told the Titanic was unsinkable.  The Titanic was a doomed ship on that dark night all because of an iceberg.

Calmly ship workers asked the passengers to put their lifejackets on.  The passengers were patient not realising that they were in huge danger.  When the captain ordered the ship’s lifeboats to be lowered, the passengers started to panic.  Women and children were the first onto the lifeboats.  Many men were lost and most of the people in steerage went down with the ship because first and second class people boarded the lifeboats first.  Frantically people threw floating objects overboard so that people might be able to hold on to them in the water.  Others clung to the deck until the sinking ship was level with the water so they would not have to be in the cold water for long.  While the ship was sinking the ship’s band played music to keep the passengers calm.

The ‘unsinkable’ Titanic sank in only 2 hours and 30 minutes. The radio operators on Titanic sent messages for help and used the old CQD distress signal and the new SOS signal. The closest ship was the Californian but it had its radio off so they did not get the messages.  They also claimed not to have seen the flares. The next closest ship, who did answer, was the Carpathia. 1500 Titanic passengers died on that fated night.   Those people found in the water had died from the freezing Atlantic temperatures.  Only 700 people survived the disastrous Titanic sinking.

Since the horrible disaster no one believes a ship is unsinkable. Nowadays the crew is better trained and have many drills on how to survive disasters.  Every kind of boat must have life jackets and life boats for the number of people the boat is capable of carrying.  The radio must stay on 24 hours a day and always be manned.  These precautions have saved many people’s lives and would have saved the people on Titanic.  It was foolish to say a ship was unsinkable and it cost the lives of many people.

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One response to “Ethan’s Titanic Report

  1. April

    April 24, 2012 at 9:22 am

    This is wonderful! Well done Ethan and mum!


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