49 Minutes a Day

22 Apr

Super Nanny, Jo Frost says “The average child spends less than 49 minutes a day doing things together with their parents.”  That means parents spend more time watching their favourite tv show than doing anything with their children.  I wonder if this 49 minutes includes everyday dialogue like “Hurry up we’re late for school”, “Do your homework”, “Stop hitting your sister” or “Go away and leave me along, I’m busy”.  It might include the time parents spend taxiing the kids to and from their multiple after school and weekend activities.  Sadly I suspect it does include all of these thing as I think we’d find that it wasn’t the norm to find families sitting down and spending 49 minutes straight doing anything meaningful together every single day.

I think homeschooling families are the exception to this statistic.  We definitely spend several hours every day working on school subjects with our children, we typical enjoy playing and crafting with our children, we usually have elaborate bedtime routines that include bedtime stories and we probably even take walks and play sports together.

The truth is we have time to do these things, and because our children are always with us we discover that our kids are actually really nice people to be around so we tend to do more together.  Sadly too many families don’t recognise the precious gift that lives under their own roofs.  They too often push them away in favour of a self-focused activity.  They fill their lives and their children’s lives to the brim (often overflowing past the brim) to keep everyone busy.

But busyness isn’t a good thing.  You can’t stop and really ‘live’ if you are busy.  Busy is an acronym for “Buried Under Satan’s Yoke”.  He’s doing a great job of dividing and conquering families, making people too busy to see the important things in their lives and keeping people too busy to stop and spend time with their own Father.  I would really hate to see the statistics for how many minutes the average Christian spends with their Father.  I know it would be a lot less than 49 minutes!!

Maybe if we start with spending more time with our Father we would be more easily able to see the devil’s plan to drive us all apart with busyness.  The devil is getting a stronghold in families but homeschoolers must drive him nutty.   Not only do many of us start our day with the Father,  we teach our children to do the same AND we spend all day together with our children and chat to the Father along the way as well.  Oh we must really get under the devil’s skin.  Good!

This homeschooling family refuses to be ‘busy’ – buried under Satan’s yoke.  We’re going to spend our hours together as a family with God as the core of our days.  And just to cement this family’s togetherness we’ve just bought everyone bicycles and have been out riding as a family every afternoon for well over 49 minutes every day.


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5 responses to “49 Minutes a Day

  1. April

    April 23, 2012 at 9:39 am

    It’s sad… Not for me though 🙂 Over the weekend I was speaking to one mum who was boasting that her son {6.5 yrs} attended nine activities {music, sport, dance etc.} per week in addition to going to school. I was shocked!

  2. Gin

    April 23, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    That is a very sobering statistic. One more reason I am so glad to be homeschooling: time with our three blessings.

  3. Kirsji

    April 24, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Even as a homeschooling mom, I find myself devoting too much time to ‘alone’ activities – computer time, drudge cleaning, solo reading, etc.

    I have 4 children at home with me all day, each day; my three youngest plus my 19 year old. I spend all day with the Littles but I find I don’t spend as much time with my oldest which is unfortunate because he is nice to be with. I spend even less time with my 15 year old who is a public school student.

    Thank you for posting this! It is a great reminder to all of us, even we homeschoolers!

  4. JoAnn

    April 26, 2012 at 1:34 am

    So true, so true. My husband and me call it people’s ‘busyness’ badge. They wear it with honor. You try and get together with other friends on a play date and they proudly announce they are ‘busy’ but call them sometime. It’s so sad.

  5. Tracey

    April 26, 2012 at 9:56 am

    I find it near impossible to make play date arrangements with our schooled friends, even in the holidays! I’ve all but given up.

    Interesting though, I bet it’s the busy kids who are the most bored and in need of entertainment when holidays roll around and a void in their schedule appears. I don’t think parents do their children a favour by overscheduling themselves or their children.

    It’s just sad but they see it as “getting ahead”. Well, leave me behind please.


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