How We Commemorated Anzac Day

25 Apr

The 25th April is a public holiday in Australia to remember and thank all Australian (and New Zealand) soldiers.  The day is called Anzac Day.

ANZAC meaning:

Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”.

While it’s a holiday and we don’t do school we do take the time to teach the boys about the significance of the day.

Throughout the day we read a selection of books.

IMG_9280 (Small)

We added three new books to our collection this year (well there would have been four if Fishpond hadn’t proven themselves to be unreliable again!).

IMG_9279 (Small)

IMG_9277 (Small)

Our favourite of the three new titles was “The Red Poppy” by Anthony Hill.  The book tells the moving story of a soldier who goes over the top (of the trenches) into the line of enemy fire.  Taking cover in a crater left by an explosion, near a patch of red poppies,  the soldier discovers that a wounded enemy soldier had also sought refuge there.

IMG_9278 (Small)

Included  with the book is a CD containing the song “Little Red Poppy” by Rod Kennedy.  It is the most beautiful song.  The book was actually written to go with the song.  We’ve had it playing for a lot of today.

After a nice long reading session with lots of discussion, the boys turned their hand to writing acrostic poems using the letters of ANZACS.  I was very impressed with their work.


Brayden’s poem –

A soldier in nearly every family died

Never did the comrades forget their dead

Zip zip, the bullets flew and hit

A big blast kills many troops

Crowds cry on Anzac Day

Sadness comes over people who remember.


Ethan’s poem

Adventurous Australians went to see the world

Never would they have imagined the awfulness of war

Zero will forget the war

Anxious to end the war and go home

Comrades died suddenly, bravely and loyally

Some will never go home so we remember them.


By lunch time we were getting peckish so the boys whipped up a batch of Anzac biscuits while I made lunch.

IMG_9274 (Small)

As a family we sat down with our lunch, our Anzac bickies

IMG_9287 (Small)

and watch “Gallipoli” on dvd.

(Be warned that there are a handful of inappropriate scenes but we just fast forward through them.)

IMG_9282 (Small)

Our commemorative activities are to ensure we, as a family,  never forget the sacrifices made for us.


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One response to “How We Commemorated Anzac Day

  1. Elsa

    April 28, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    That was an excellent way to spend Anzac Day. Very impressed.


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