Maritime Museum

15 May

We have driven past this museum so many times and always said, “One day we should visit that museum”

…well “one day” finally came.

IMG_9960 (Small)

There was a LOT more to see than I had imagined,

IMG_9661 (Small)

including Jessica Watson‘s “Ella’s Pink Lady”.

IMG_9665 (Small)

Many of the boats were open to explore, except this gorgeous steamer called “Forceful”.  She was my favourite.

IMG_9686 (Small)

The grand exhibit was, of course, the HMAS Diamantina.

IMG_9692 (Small)

There was so much to explore on the ship.  You need several hours to see everything properly.

IMG_9710 (Small)

The boys’ favourite feature of the ship was their guns.  Brayden was under the impression that it would actually fire.  Yes, he had his fingers in his ears.  Hehehe.

IMG_9713 (Small)

We eventually convinced him it was safe and both boys enjoyed rotating and raising the guns.

IMG_9718 (Small)

If you do intend to visit the museum leave your prams, heels and short skirts at home!

IMG_9739 (Small)

You’ll be squeezing through small spaces,

IMG_9742 (Small)

and up and down lots of steep ladders.

Of course that’s half the fun for kids.

IMG_9784 (Small)

There were so many interesting rooms and places to explore on the ship.

IMG_9800 (Small)

Some places were a little treacherous but that just added to the fun.

IMG_9822 (Small)

Apparently there were 160 marines on this ship yet I didn’t count anywhere near enough beds, even if only a third were sleeping at a time.

IMG_9811 (Small)

There were even less showers and toilets….around tenish maybe

IMG_9816 (Small)

…and hopefully there aren’t more than three sick folk at a time!

I wouldn’t enjoy living under those conditions.

IMG_9812 (Small)

I just loved the little curtains on this single porthole.  There must have been a woman on board.  That’s the only way I could explain it.  Hehehe.

IMG_9833 (Small)

You can also climb the many steps down to the dry docks below the ship.  That was awesome!!  The pictures don’t do the grand scale justice.

IMG_9904 (Small)

There not a whole lot holding up that ship…aside from my three super heroes, and a few cement stacks topped with a couple of planks of wood

IMG_9897 (Small)

Last year this whole area (yes, the dry dock too) was under water during Brisbane’s 2011 floods.  The clean up would have been a mammoth task.

(This is Brayden standing in a building alongside the ship and you can see the 2011 flood marker above him).

IMG_9879 (Small)

For the next month or so there is also a very small Titanic display at the museum.

IMG_9917 (Small)

This is the only ‘authentic’ Titanic piece of memorabilia.  It’s a book that belonged to Edith Brown who was on the Titanic when she was 15.  She took this little book with her on the lifeboat.  The water stain happened when a man jumped into their boat from the ship. Edith Brown lived in Brisbane for a period during her 100 year life so her story was rather interesting for us.

IMG_9919 (Small)

If you happen to be going past the Maritime Museum (it’s at the very far end of Southbank near the Goodwill Bridge) we highly recommend a bit of a visit.  We thoroughly enjoy our visit and would happily visit again.  🙂

IMG_9701 (Small)


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4 responses to “Maritime Museum

  1. Jen

    May 16, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    We went there when we lived in Queensland! The boys loved it. I left the climbing around the ship to the boys and Hubby! I had a two year old at the time as an excuse 🙂

  2. Tracey

    May 16, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    They need to hire out two year olds then to save the mummies who don’t have them. I even had a skirt on (long though) and I wasn’t exempt. Lucky mummies of boys are used to these sorts of things. Heheheh. The places I can go in a skirt…well it’s quite a talent you get to master over time.

  3. Shelley

    May 16, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    We went there a couple of weeks ago & had a great time 🙂

  4. JoAnn

    May 17, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Wow, looks like a great place to visit. So glad you finally made it there. 🙂


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