Help for Prospective Homeschoolers

03 Jun

It occurred to me the other day that I needed to make navigation for new homeschoolers a bit easier.  My blog address is often shared with prospective homeschoolers and I could just imagine them wandering lost through my archives looking for relevant posts.  Poor things.  I’m sorry.   The decision to homeschool is overwhelming enough without getting lost on my website to boot.  So I dedicated an afternoon to making my blog more ‘new-user’ friendly.

I now have several “New Homeschoolers” tabs (just in case you miss one of them) that will direct you to a page with “how to start” advice and posts that might be relevant to someone starting their homeschooling journey.

Helping new homeschoolers was one of the key reasons I started this blog, as I’ve always enjoyed answering their questions by email or phone but I began to realise that they were often overwhelmed and weren’t always sure what to ask or forgot the many things they hoped to ask.   Having this blog allowed me to answer questions I’ve been asked in the past so new homeschoolers can find them easily.

Of course I still enjoy meeting and assisting new homeschoolers so feel free to contact me to ask a question or simply to chat.  I’ve made many dear homeschooling friends this way.

As I think of more homeschool question type posts I’ll add them to my new “Starting Homeschooling” category.  If anyone has some ideas for more of these sorts of posts please share.  I’m always glad of inspiration.

Well, time to get off this computer.  I’m sure my eyes are truly square now.





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Posted by on June 3, 2012 in Bits and Pieces


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