Term Two Summary

25 Jun

Another term complete.  The year is just speeding by.  It makes me dizzy.  How can there only be half of the year left.  Make it stop!!

Seriously though, if you feel like you haven’t done much work, make a term summary.  It helps if you’ve kept a record during the term as you so very quickly forget.  But even if you haven’t kept a list flick through your books, pick your brain and the kids’ and create a summary.  Most people will be pleasantly surprised with how much they’ve actually done.  Seeing it on paper seems to make all the difference.   But be prepared – the term summary doesn’t lie.

Anywhere here’s our term two summary.  (I’ll just add Ethan’s as Brayden’s is fairly similar.)


Term Two Summary 2012


  • Daily review of skip counting patterns to 8s
  • Daily review of algorithms, specifically addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication of large numbers, short division and long division
  • Daily review of the names of regular polygons from four sided to twelve sided
  • Daily chanting of multiplication facts (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s)
  • Utilised Timez Attack to review multiplication facts
  • Read “Fraction Fun”
  • Completed another chapter of Life of Fred Fractions (later stopped using this text)
  • In Beast Academy Maths we explored and studied:
    • Acute and obtuse angles
    • Equilateral, Scalene and right angled triangles
    • Identified and described triangles by their angles and sides
    • Quadrilaterals
  • In Singapore Maths we explored and studied:
    • Fractions –
      • Addition and subtraction of like and unlike denominators
      • Mixed numbers
      • Improper fractions
      • Converting mixed numbers and improper fractions
      • Addition and subtraction of mixed numbers
      • Simplifying/reducing fractions
      • Finding fractions of a whole
  • Watched episodes of Cyberchase each week covering the following topics:
    • Direction and Distance
    • Mixed Number Fractions
    • Deductive Reasoning
    • Finding a Simpler Case
    • Tessellations
    • Saving Money and Spending Money
    • Gears
    • Factoring
  • Achieved great results in the Numeracy Naplan test (not completed formally but as a Math task at home)



  • Daily copywork of jokes in cursive
  • Daily review of the poem “The Worth of a Smile” and regular review of previous poems
  • Daily spelling quizzes of phonetic lists of words, regularly used words and personal trouble spots
  • Explored the literary device of onomatopoeia
    • through the reading of several picture books
    • Created an A-Z booklet of onomatopoeia words
  • Explored the literary device of alliteration
    • through the reading of several picture books
    • created tongue twister sentences using alliteration
  • Explored literature analysis
    • Through the reading of many picture books
    • Learned about, identified and discussed using the socratic method of questioning, the following elements of fiction:
      • Climax
      • Setting
      • Characters – protagonist and antagonist
      • Conflict
    • Utilised these elements when reading across the curriculum
  • Wrote an Acrostic poem with an Anzac Day theme in cursive handwriting
  • Wrote emails, notes and letters as part of their daily life
  • Wrote one IEW structured report each week (using the process of research, outline, draft, dress up and publish) on the following Australian explorers:
    • Bass and Flinders
    • Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth
    • John Oxley
    • Phillip Parker King
    • Charles Sturt
    • Edward Eyre
    • Ludwig Leichardt
    • Augustus Gregory
    • John McDouall Stuart
    • Burke and Wills
  • Introduced new IEW dress ups:
    • Dual adjectives and adverbs
    • Sentences openers, specifically:
      • Prepositional openers
      • -ly openers
      • -ing openers
  • Read chapters from “Word Spy” about:
    • How the alphabet came to be
    • Silent letters
    • Plurals
    • Unusual spelling
  • Completed a lesson on subject and predicate in Rod and Staff grammar
  • Read further in “Grammarland”
  • Explored opposites informally
  • Achieved near perfect results in both the Literacy and Language Convention parts of the Naplan tests (completed informally at home)
  • Visited the library each week to collect books placed on hold, to browse and borrow numerous titles
  • Read aloud to Daddy from a chapter book each evening
  • Personal reading time each night
  • Listened to bedtime stories with Daddy and numerous read alouds throughout the school day with Mummy
  • Participated in a drama performance organised by friends
  • Listened to the following audio books:
    • The Hobbit
    • War Horse
    • Farm Boy
    • Hatchet
    • Brian’s Winter
    • Brian’s Return (also called The River)
    • Brian’s Hunt
    • My Side of the Mountain



  • Daily review of past Latin vocabulary
  • Completed regular lessons in “Getting Started With Latin”
    • Learning and reviewing new vocabulary
    • Translating Latin sentences into English
    • Learning and using grammar



  • Daily review of the countries of Asia
  • Regular review of the previously learned countries of Europe
  • Daily review of the previously learned states and capitals of Australia
  • Daily review of the key towns and cities in Queensland
  • Identified and discussed:
    • The Great Dividing Range
    • The Great Australian Bight
  • Completed lessons from “A Child’s Geography” on:
    • Continents, hemispheres and compass directions
    • Water and the world’s oceans
    • Currents and tides
    • Matched names to satellite images of the continents
  • Participated in a family world landmark quiz
  • Watched “Bush Tucker Man” series learning about Australian landscapes


Studies of Society and Environment

  • Watched weekly episodes of “Australian Prime Ministers”
  • Watched weekly episodes of “Australian Heritage:  National Treasures”
  • Watched weekly episodes of “Behind the News” and participated in online polls
  • Watched weekly episodes of “Behind the News: Specials” covering the topics of:
    • Super Sports
    • Animals
    • Community Issues
    • Creature Features
    • Kids’ Matters
    • Social Issues
    • Fighting Fit
    • Mighty Media
    • Environment
  • Watched weekly episodes of “For the Juniors” on the topics of:
    • Honey, milk, apples, rice
    • Sun, moon, stars
    • Working dogs and horses



  • Read the accompanying picture book “My Place”, exploring how the map/community changed
  • Further explored the topic of Titanic:
    • Read:
      • “Titanicat”
      • “Titanic Young Survivors”
      • “Kaspar Prince of Cats”
    • Visited the Titanic special exhibit at the Maritime Museum
    • Watched the following dvds:
      • Inside the Titanic
      • Titanic and Me
      • Words of the Titanic
      • Unsinkable Titanic
      • Titanic (mini series)
  • Revisited the topic of Mummies in Egypt:
    • Read:
      • Secret of the Mummies
      • The Winger Cat
      • Valley of the Golden Mummies
      • Read it Yourself – Mummies
      • Egyptians – Usborne
      • Seeker of Knowledge
      • The Great Wonder
      • My Best Book of Mummies
      • Look Inside an Egyptian Mummy
      • Amazing History – Mummies
      • Mummy Makers
      • Why Were Mummies Wrapped
      • National Geographic Kids – Mummies
      • Pepi and the Secret Name
    • Watched dvds:
      • Tomb Robbers
      • Ancient Egyptians
      • Nefertiti Revealed
    • Visited the “Mummies in the Museum” exhibition
    • Used hieroglyphic stamps to create messages
  • Watched weekly episodes of “My Place” (series 1 and 2 – decades 1838 to 1928)
  • Revisited the topic of Anzac Day
    • Read:
      • Anzac Day Parade
      • In Flanders Field
      • The Red Poppy (and listened repeatedly to the accompanying cd)
      • Simpson and the Donkey
      • Anzac Day
      • Do Not Forget Australia
      • Why Are They Marching Daddy?
      • A Day to Remember
      • The First World War – Usborne Younger Reader
    • Watched:
      • Gallipoli
      • John Simpson Kirkpatrick
    • Wrote an acrostic poem using the word Anzac
    • Made Anzac biscuits to share
  • Learned about Australian explorers
    • Read:
      • Australian Backyard Explorers (as our spine/text)
      • The Australian History Collection
      • Great Australian Explorers
      • Various titles on specific explorers, namely:
        • Bass and Flinders
        • Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth
        • John Oxley
        • Phillip Parker King
        • Charles Sturt
        • Edward Eyre
        • Ludwig Leichardt
        • Augustus Gregory
        • John McDouall Stuart
        • Burke and Wills
  • Learned about Aborigines (survival, bush tucker, and the ‘stolen generation’)
    • Attended an education class called “Survival in Nature” at the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens
    • Read:
      • Growing up in Uluru
      • How the Aborigines Lived
      • My Home in Kakadu
      • The Rainbow Serpent
      • Lost
      • Walkabout
      • The Burnt Stick
      • The Stolen Girl
      • Long Sticky Walk
    • Watched:
      • The whole “Bush Tucker Man” series
      • Rabbit Proof Fence
      • youtube video of “Took the Children Away”
      • Crook Hat and Camphoo (Aboriginal elders sharing skills and knowledge)
      • David Hudson’s “Making and Playing Didgeridoos” and “Bush Tucker, Bush Art and Bush Life”
  • Read and discussed “Tom the Outback Mailman”



  • Watch weekly episodes of “Our Animals” (including blue-tongued lizards, ants, butterflies, frogs and turtles)
  • Watched weekly episodes of “Backyard Science”
  • Completed lessons in “Science in the Creation Week”, moving from the light and energy unit to the water and air unit, covering topics such as:
    • Light can be directed
    • Light can send information (morse code)
    • Refraction
    • Magnification
    • Eye lens, near and far sighted people
    • Water vapour and clouds
    • Filtered dirty water with a water filtering kit
    • Water expands when frozen yet other materials contract
    • Researched maple trees that explode when frozen
    • Why things float or sink
    • Floating and sinking observations
  • Listened to audio CD on:
    • Archimedes
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Gutenberg
  • Observed cotton fields growing and being harvest
    • Read
      • Cotton Now and Then
      • Working Cotton
      • Closely observed and explored several cotton pods
  • Experimented with white colours in coloured water
  • Observed a spider’s web and read about the strength and characteristics of a web
  • Explored a lake environment
  • Observed an unfamiliar bird in the yard and used a bird guide to identify the bird
  • Viewed and discussed the partial lunar eclipse
  • Viewed, explored and discussed the transit of Venus
  • Watch several online presentation about the transit and Venus
  • Watched the “Bush Tucker Man” series
  • Attended education classes at the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens:
    • Botanica Quest
      • Find and identify seed pods, leaves, insects, sounds
      • Sensory experience – taste, smell and texture
      • Native bees
      • Exploring things animals have left behind (a variety of nests, animal skins etc)
    • “Surviving on Nature”
      • Identified plants that were used by Aboriginal people
      • Identified the uses of each part of the plant
      • Explored several Aboriginal artefacts



  • Used cool colours to paint a background for a black tree, add sparkly gems
  • Coloured pictures of mummies and added black and orange border frames
  • Painted pet rocks and glued on features
  • Water colouring painting
  • Decorated mugs with ceramic paint
  • Made bookmarks and beaded jewellery with a friend
  • Made homemade playground and enjoyed sculpting
  • Used a canvas to paint a middle eastern city scene
  • Read “Uncle Andy’s” and looked at Andy Warhol’s artworks



  • Attended weekly church worship
  • Enjoyed listening to CDs of scripture verses to music
  • Read “The Flying Orchestra” and attending the performance at the Out of the Box festival


Technology and Design

  • Watched weekly episodes of “Take on Technology” on the following topics:
    • Bridges
    • Playgrounds
    • Headwear
    • Bags
    • Toys
    • Food
    • Containers
  • Enjoyed exploring the programming game “Cargo Bot” on the ipad
  • Utilised various ipad games
  • Read various computer books of his choice
  • Read specifically about Java and Python programming and explored these computer languages on the computer
  • Regularly used Word, Powerpoint and Excel in his school work and play
  • Enjoyed using the digital camera, downloading his photos to share via email
  • Built a soda can robot from a kit with instructions


Physical Education

  • Participated in weekly private swimming lessons
  • Participated in daily family bike rides (an hour to an hour and a half in duration)
  • Regular park and backyard play



  • “Botanica Quest” treasure trail event at the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens
  • “Mummies in the Museum” at the Brisbane Museum
  • “Survival in Nature” class at the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens
  • Maritime Museum
  • “Out of the Box” festival where we paid to attend –
    • “The Flying Orchestra”
    • “Dinosaur Zoo”
  • “I, Bunyip” performance at the Gold Coast Arts Centre

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3 responses to “Term Two Summary

  1. April

    June 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

    I always find it amazing how much we have achieved when I compile my monthly list. Thanks for many resource ideas 🙂

  2. JoAnn

    June 26, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Wow, that is a great list. I’ll have to remember term summaries when we start up school again in the fall. 🙂

  3. Amber

    June 26, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing – you have had a very productive term by the looks of it! It’s our last week of term here in NSW & I look forward to doing similar 🙂


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