An Olympic Book

22 Jul

I bought this book blind not really knowing what it was like but hoping it wouldn’t be a total waste of money.

It wasn’t, thankfully.

This is a book with a difference.  Not like other Ancient Olympic books you’ll read.

It does include tid bits of information about the Ancient Olympic Games but it’s focus is more on the myths and stories that the games were built upon.

Now I only know a little bit of Greek Mythology, not being much of a fan of myths and such, so this book was the perfect concise summary of a whole bunch of underlying myths regarding the Ancient Games, all rolled into one all-inclusive, entertaining story.

The stories within the main story are quite fast paced so you may find yourself finishing the book only tantalised and hungry for more information about each myth.  Or you could be like me and feel totally happy with the interesting overview of the key myths.

The book is beautifully illustrated and very descriptively written.  If you are looking for books with alliterations, and similes then this book is a winner.

It is a picture book but it’s not a particularly short read.

At times, also, my boys and I struggled to follow the storyline as we lacked a basic background of the key Greek characters and the significance of each.  Regardless of this we still enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to others who are studying Ancient Greece in conjunction with the Olympics.


(No I didn’t received this book in exchange for a review.  I bought it and just wanted to share my find with my readers.)

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Posted by on July 22, 2012 in History, My Library


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