Self-Propelled Cars

22 Jul

This past week we had friends over to play for the day – two homeschooling friends we’ve known since our children were not much more than babies.

Every so often we take advantage of these days to throw in a little design task for our children…so all three of us can tick “Technology and Design” off for the year…chuckle, chuckle.  Hey, I’m only partially kidding.

So on Tuesday I set out our recyclable collection – it’s a crime to throw it out you know!  Or is that just at my house?

I added a mish mash of other items like skewers, bottle caps, wooden cotton spools, balloons, rubber bands, match sticks, straws and a variety of sticky tapes.

The task I set the children was to create a car that propelled itself in some fashion.


It was interesting watching them work.

Some set to work quickly and others pondered and planned.

Some struggled with the idea and others reveled in the challenge.

Some trialled lots of different ideas and others determinedly made their initial ideas work.

The children watched and learned from their peers successes and failures.

There was a lot of learning happening.


It was a very good challenge and after an hour and a half every child had made a vehicle that moved by itself.

Some used gravity to propel their cars, others used balloon force and magnetic energy.


My own boys loved this challenge…well, one in particular….and have enjoyed playing with their vehicles for days afterwards.


Another successful “Technology and Design” task completed.


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