Our Week In Review

29 Jul

Well you know how our mornings started – in bed with the Bible and our devotional.

Then over breakfast preparations we ran through our memory items, which currently include:

Bible verses, Books of the Bible, skip counting patterns to 8s, multiplication facts, regular polygon names to 20, recognising 3D nets, review of Latin vocabulary, our poem, the countries of Europe and Asia, the Australian states and capitals, and key cities and towns in our state of Queensland.

While we ate breakfast we listened to “Uncle Rick Reads the Proverbs”, pausing it here and there to talk about what we are learning and come up with our own examples and illustrations.


Math has been next in our day.  Everyday they have been completing a page of multiplication facts.  They also alternate – Dailies and a page of Word Problems.

(The boys take their work wherever they choose in the house.  This day Brayden chose my duchess/bureau in my bedroom as his desk and a giant ball as his chair.   Yes that’s a wedding photo in the background.)

IMG_1258 (Small)

Our Dailies book (which are now done every second day) are just a selection of key Math skills tailored to each child.  Below is Brayden’s dailies.  Ethan’s dailies book has a subtraction and addition regrouping problem, a long/short division (he alternates each page), a difficult multiplication problem, and 4 different fraction operations.

IMG_1309 (Small)

Of course the boys also worked through their Singapore Math books.  Ethan was delighted that his Math unit was all about graphing – his absolute favourite Math topic.  Brayden was not so delighted.  He had to do a week of reviews, however it did mean that he had finished another book.

IMG_1257 (Small)
Each day the boys did a page of cursive copywork.  They are working through a book of cursive jokes at present.  They are so corny but the boys love them and it draws their attention away from their least favourite thing to do – handwriting.

IMG_1255 (Small)

Spelling follows copywork and it’s like a madhouse with me calling separate words to each boy but it’s the technique that’s working for us at present.  Consistent and simple is the key to success I’m finding.

IMG_1253 (Small)

Each week we are reading about an Ancient Wonder of the World.  Last week we read about the Great Pyramid at Giza and this week it was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  While I read, Ethan created a key idea outline that he then had to use to draft a paragraph summarising the information.  Brayden just narrates the information back to me.

IMG_1280 (Small)

Later in the week Ethan “dressed up” his paragraph.  When he’s finished all of these Ancient Wonder pieces I was thinking I might get him to turn them into a set of laminated trading cards or something spiffy like that.

IMG_1329 (Small)

Brayden’s been doing a bit of writing recently too.  I don’t get him to do much writing yet.  His focus is reading but we’re just starting to dabble a little in preparation for the switch in focus by the end of this year.

This week he began writing about storm chasing (of course).  This piece is only half finished.  Part of his writing process is a plan of what he’s going to write.  I like to form these habits right from the beginning.

Oh yeah and Brayden read aloud to me every day.  That’s the most important part of the day for him.

IMG_1327 (Small)

Most days this week we also did a new Latin lesson.  We’ve been doing a lot of English grammar in our curriculum at present to prepare for a bit of a Latin jump.  I thought it was going to challenge my men but they actually remembered the concepts from our Rod and Staff grammar lessons.    So it wasn’t a stretch at all.  Let’s see how the knowledge and skills translate into Latin though.

IMG_1256 (Small)

Oh and look what arrived in the mail this week…

When the boys saw it we had to put everything on hold to start reading it.  There were delighted to see some of the tornado intercept vehicles from our beloved “Storm Chaser” dvds in the book as well.  I’m thinking I might get Brayden to create a tornado and storm chasers brochure or pamphlet to show his knowledge and to add to our reporting for the HEU.

IMG_1305 (Small)

Our ABC Education shows started back this week, although the boys were devastated to find that they have to live without “Cyberchase” for a whole term.

After watching “Backyard Science” the boys decided to make the “Lava Lamp” shown on the program.   They know where the Science type supplies are kept so they were able to do the activity by themselves.

IMG_1285 (Small)

It’s just water (coloured with food colouring) with a layer of oil.  Then, to create the lava lamp effect, you add a good dose of salt.  As it sink it takes some oil with it causing it to rise again.

IMG_1288 (Small)

We did two Science experiments from our Dr Jay Wile pilot curriculum.  We created “rain” in one experiment and in the other we observed the property of cohesion with a really cool experiment.  All we did was heat up an empty saucepan for five minutes and then add half a teaspoon of water.  I THOUGHT I knew what was going to happen but I was startled to see something totally unexpected.  The boys were thrilled too.  Of course, cool experiments are always done more than once in our house as we just have to share them with Daddy when he gets home too.

Oh and we wrote up our findings in our Science notebook too.

IMG_1245 (Small)
This week a long awaited for book arrived (after going astray in the mail – the author was kind enough to resend the book).  It’s written by a retired highschool history teacher who currently works as Sovereign Hill’s Education Ambassador.  He’s written several history titles but I’ve just bought the Goldfield book to see what they are like.  We’ve read several chapters so far.

We were most amused to learned that you were considered rich if you ate icecream and put ice cubes in your drinks as ice was imported from Boston, USA so was quite an extravagant luxury, something you might do to flaunt your riches.

IMG_1306 (Small)

We also read another chapter in “A Child’s Geography”.  We had the globe down and were walking out the path of the earth around the sun reviewing how seasons happen, then looking at the shape of the earth and the position of the equator and the poles to understand climate and (perfectly timed with our Science lesson on the water cycle) we read about the formation of weather.

We’re not doing an Olympic Unit but we did read about England and the Olympics to give the boys a bit of a refresher and some background knowledge.  Of course we also watched the opening ceremony on the weekend.   We’ve all decided that the Beijing ceremony was much better than the London one.  We actually preferred watching the athletes come into the stadium with all of their flags.  The boys were delighted that they recognised so many of the countries after memorising all of the countries of Europe and Asia.

IMG_1326 (Small)
IMG_1328 (Small)

There’s probably lots more that we’ve done this week.  Oh yes, we had an afternoon playdate and an afternoon park play with other homeschoolers.  Plus lots more reading.  We’re always reading something.  But this is most of schooly stuff that I can remember.

Oh yes, during their free time the boys have enjoyed a lot of map making.  It started on the weekend…

IMG_1233 (Small)

and grew during the week with many hours of play.

IMG_1277 (Small)

My favourite part of the game was the tornado that would randomly tear through the game.  So beware.  It’s true that what your children watch affects how they play.  Heheheh.  So cute.

IMG_1278 (Small)

So that’s was our week.  Better go and plan out our next week.



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6 responses to “Our Week In Review

  1. Sheryll

    July 30, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Any idea why I can’t pin images from your blog? I use Pinterest as a bookmarking tool, there’s been several times I’ve wanted to pin an image but it won’t let me. This time I want to pin that Goldfields book so I’ll remember it when we study Australian history. 🙂

  2. Tracey

    July 30, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    Hmmm…I wonder if the private setting on my flickr images prevents it. I’ll change the setting on the book and you can try it again to see it if allows it then.

  3. JoAnn

    July 31, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Sounds and looks like a great week for you all.

  4. Sheryll

    August 5, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Still can’t pin an image, I wonder if it is a homeschool blogger setting?

  5. Tracey

    August 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    Can you pin images from other homeschool blogger blogs? I’ll have a look through my settings on the blog but from memory I don’t remember anything like it.

    • Sheryll

      August 6, 2012 at 11:18 pm

      Yes, I can pin from other homeschooler blogger blogs. So I don’t know if it is a flickr setting or a blog setting that is doing this. Please don’t feel you have to keep looking into it unless you want it changed. I’ve gone to the website for the Goldfields book and had a look. 🙂


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