Homeschooling: To Do it Or Not? – That is the Question

12 Aug

The Reasons to Homeschool / Benefits of Homeschooling

*  Family unity; closer relationships; sibling friendships; close bond to parents; more family time

*  Flexibility which is perfect for families affected by shift-working;

*  Freedom to travel and holiday at times that suit the family and not schools

*  Allows parents (specifically mothers) to continue parenting rather than having to give their children away prematurely so someone else can finish their upbringing

*  More relaxed and peaceful pace of life; life outside of the family tends to be rushed, frantic and to be avoided

*  Lengthens childhood; our children are free to be children; there’s no pressure to be like the ‘in-crowd’ or to follow any worldly trends; homeschooled children are often described as ‘childlike yet mature’

*  Character development is closely monitored and influenced by a loving parent; the continuity of this instruction is key to its success

*  Families can impart their own faith values to the extent that they believe is important rather than having someone else’s one-size-fits-all approach thrust upon them

*  Socialisation; no playground politics (unless you are part of a large homeschool group); smaller groups are better for socialising; can guide children towards wise friendships; more time for children to play with friends

*  No bullying; (although still existent in larger homeschool groups which aren’t too dissimilar to school playgrounds); bullying can be a foreign concept to many homeschooled children; safe environment to grow within

*  Continuity of teacher, environment, friendships, education; invaluable to have some continuity if your family moves a lot (changing schools often is hard on children and their education)

*  Customised curriculum for the individual’s needs, passions, interest and pace; this is the ideal that schools aim for but can never achieve due to their system and structure

*  One on one tutoring and very small group learning;  homeschooled children always get a turn at everything;  hardly any waiting time

*  Attention; homeschooled children can’t fade into the background and get through school with little attention; the teacher actually knows the child and their needs and strengths intimately;

*  Less distractions; less noise, less people, less movement = more focus and less attention issues; easier to cater to an easily distracted child

*  More commitment from the teacher; the homeschooled parent will go to great lengths to ensure their children learn; parents will mountains if they have to; a school teacher can be committed to your child but only for a year and only if other children’s needs aren’t more pressing;

* Focused on teaching and learning and not on evidence and testing; there is no need to test a homeschooled child as their parent watches them work and knows their abilities intimately; nobody who ‘needs’ to see such evidence anyway (only bureaucrats who think they need to see it); testing in schools is primarily for parent communication which is pointless for homeschoolers;

*  Freedom from being told what and how to teach by outside sources who have their own agenda that isn’t related primarily to the benefit of the child or family; freedom from government controlled curriculum and the whims of the party in power

*  Less indoctrination; homeschooling restrains the world from influencing our children; parents know best regardless of what the world will have you believe

*  Choice of curriculum; better balance of subjects; more focus on the core skills; more/less rigorous (according to your desires); option to be academically excellent

*  Option to choose – can choose between the available options (state, religious, private, alternate, dist ed or homeschooling); can provide an academically rigorous education without having to go into debt to pay for private schooling

*  More opportunities; more excursions; as many drama and orchestra performances as you desire and can afford; no need to struggle with a crowd of 30 or more during your outings

*  More time – to grasp concepts, to go off on a tangent, to ponder a question, to finish work, no reason to rush anything, not stuck in the same holiday pattern as schools and can homeschool through holidays if you choose,  no need to catch up on work you missed if you are sick,

*  More fun – more games, more hands on opportunities, more laughing and giggling allowed in the classroom, snuggling with the teacher too, school in bed, school with grandma, school in the park, school wherever and whenever

*  Home is the best environment for learning and growing; 5 years old (or worst still, younger) is not old enough to leave the nest; bigger kids still need their mums too; heaven forbid should their peers raise them…or the world.

The Reasons Not to Homeschool / Drawbacks of Homeschooling:

*  One parent will have to stay home and give up their second income; a blessing in disguise; families will learn to live within their means and won’t be able to keep up with the Jones’; good financial education for the children; models the valuing of family over materialism and sets a positive example for future mothers

*  Hard work; homeschooling isn’t the easy option; requires dedication and time doing things that you might not love; parents expecting a miraculous simple solution will quickly put their kids back in school; things you value you will work hard for;

*  Requires time; time doing school and planning for school; you won’t be available to work, shop and socialise during school hours;  your focus will have to change back to your family and children, also a good thing

*  No (little) “Me” time; definitely not an option for the selfish; must be willing to give and give of yourself until some days it hurts; your children will always be with you so you have to learn to enjoy their company, and they yours; what a blessing to learn to enjoy your children and mould their undesirable elements into something more pleasant; once you have given plenty of yourself you will be rewarded in return with time for yourself, you just have to wait your turn

*  Pressure and criticism from outside sources; if you choose to homeschool, people will be watching your performance like hawks, they will expect your children to be exceptional or awful; nothing like a bit of pressure to force you to aim high and give it your all

*  Homeschooling is WELL off the beaten path; homeschooling is not normal; there are a lot of unknowns on the horizon; it can be isolating as you have little common ground with other parents; you are forging a fresh path, going where few have gone before; it can be frightening but there are no gains without risk; your children will grow up knowing how to live outside of the crowded mob and that’s got to be a good thing

So does the product compare with the price?  Is it worth the price?  Hmmm…the answer is pretty obvious to me.

Having my children at home, building relationships in a loving family, where they can learn in an ideal environment, in a way that is perfectly suited to them, so they can grow into godly family men, is worth my time, money, effort, all my “me” time, discomfort,  insecurities and those stares from outsiders who think I have two heads.  (Quite frankly a second head (and set of hands) would be quite useful sometimes.  🙂 )  In fact I often look at my little men and marvel, with the realisation, that they grew to be so wonderful without a single day of school in their lives.  The world sure has been deceived.

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One response to “Homeschooling: To Do it Or Not? – That is the Question

  1. JoAnn

    August 14, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    I love both the lists, and I agree, it is worth it all. 🙂


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