Checking Out Seaworld

25 Aug

Some would have thought we’d have a nice quiet weekend at home after last week

…but no, we headed off to Seaworld.

IMG_2473 (Small)

We perfectly timed our arrival at Seaworld with the Jet Ski Stunt Show.

IMG_2494 (Small)

But not so with the monorail schedule…20 minutes later.

Seemingly they are only running one service nowadays.

IMG_2508 (Small)

We loved the Penguin Encounter.  These fellows have such attitude.

IMG_2535 (Small)

Catching them underwater was a challenge

IMG_2531 (Small)

…but I was determined!

IMG_2558 (Small)

Brayden has been intrigued by dinosaurs recently

IMG_2525 (Small)

…so he was very enthused about Dinosaur Island.

No, in the photo Brayden’s not turning and running from the T-Rex but turning back to insist that we hurry up.

IMG_2563 (Small)

There was a LOT of dinosaurs on display.  More than I expected.

IMG_2570 (Small)

Most of them roar and move.

IMG_2575 (Small)

A couple even had a hands-on panel so you can control their actions.  Ethan loved that feature.

IMG_2578 (Small)

The dinosaurs were Brayden’s choice, so Ethan chose next.  He’s all about transport so we travelled on the cable cars next.

IMG_2594 (Small)

From our bird’s eye view we saw this dolphin playing with a little rag.  Intriguing.

IMG_2606 (Small)

We also saw the destruction of the old Flume Ride.

Apparently there is a new ride going in next year, hopefully before our passes run out.

IMG_2609 (Small)

One of our favourite things from our day at Seaworld was ‘patting’ sting rays.  They are so velvety soft and gorgeous.  And they absolutely loved a smooth stroke.

Brayden couldn’t be convinced that this was a safe activity, afterall, one killed Steve Irwin.  Next time we’ll arrive at feeding time and see if we can lure him into enjoying the activity this way.

IMG_2616 (Small)

After he checked that star fish didn’t bite, sting, stab or kill people Brayden tentatively stroked one.

IMG_2619 (Small)

We arrived at the wrong time of the day to properly appreciate the shark tanks.  The light was all wrong, making the tank and its critters rather hazy looking.

IMG_2661 (Small)

And by the time we made it to the polar bears they were tired of being on display and were pacing from one door to another begging to be let out.

So we’ll have to make a point of checking out the polar bears and sharks at better times of the day…the bonus of having annual passes.

IMG_2669 (Small)

We finished off our family afternoon at Seaworld with the boys’ favourite fast food ‘restaurant’.

Such a nice way to build memories together.

Tomorrow though, after Church, we’ll work on relaxing a little.

Actually, no, I can’t.  I have to cut the boys’ hair.  🙂  Sigh.  Not my favourite task at all, but unless I want to start plaiting my sons’ hair, putting them in dresses and changing the name of my blog to “Little Girls in my Library”, I have to cut their hair.

I’ll rest after that…probably.  🙂

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One response to “Checking Out Seaworld

  1. JoAnn

    August 26, 2012 at 6:27 am

    Looks like a great place to visit. So glad you got annual passes. I know I would love to go to that place more than once a year. 🙂


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