First Annual Lego Expo

29 Sep

This long weekend there is a Lego Expo being held at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds in Brisbane. Brayden’s been counting down the sleeps until this event, since we spotted the flyer at the Ekka in August.   I think it’s safe to say that he’s somewhat of a Lego enthusiast himself.

IMG_3206 (Small)

You would have to be eager to brave queues like this, just to get in the door.  But there was not a complaint to be heard.

IMG_3091 (Small)

Vigilant, armed, crowd control helps of course.  🙂

IMG_3107 (Small)

The venue was much smaller than we expected but this was only the ‘first’ annual Lego Expo and there was a LOT of interest so perhaps they’ll grow with the demand in the coming years.  We hope so.

There was still plenty to see.  The exhibits stretched all the way around the room and there was a central display as well.

IMG_3140 (Small)

Without a doubt, Brayden’s favourite was the Star Wars display.  The collection was certainly impressive.  I couldn’t help wondering how much money these folk sink into their Lego hobby.  A small (perhaps large) fortune I expect.

IMG_3126 (Small)

Many of the displays were seemingly built from store bought kits but the way they combine each set into lands and worlds was very clever.

IMG_3205 (Small)
The detail was just amazing.

You could rush around the room and see all they had to offer in under half an hour or take your time and hunt for all of the intriguing sub-storylines running throughout many of the collections.    We are the later kind of folk…of course.

IMG_3172 (Small)

One of my favourites was the Gingerbread House.  How cute!  Note Hansel and Gretel out the front and there’s little Red Riding Hood and some centaurs over to the side as well.

IMG_3200 (Small)

Can you see the baddie breaking into the house?  Tut! Tut!  Where are the police when you need them?!

IMG_3156 (Small)

I thought this little Australian Parliament House was clever.  A little on the small side but I like the creativity.  (My U.S. readers probably think we have one funny looking Parliament building based on this model.  Best check out the real thing so you can see the similarities.)

IMG_3188 (Small)

Brayden enjoyed spotting all of the Star Wars characters that popped up in unexpected places

Note the astromechs filling up at the petrol station.

(If you aren’t up on the Star Wars lingo – I’m being tutored on the subject – R2D2 is an astromech.)

IMG_3165 (Small)

And popping in for a car wash is this storm trooper.

So look closely as you move around the displays.

IMG_3167 (Small)

How cool would it be to have a Grandad who was fully into your favourite toy?!  Maybe we’ll buy our Grandads a Lego kit each for Christmas and see if it sparks a life long passion.  It’s worth a shot…okay, maybe it’s not.

IMG_3210 (Small)

We had a lovely morning exploring the work and passion of these Lego enthusiasts and highly recommend a visit to the Lego Expo.  It’s open Sunday and Monday so there’s still time.

IMG_3157 (Small)

You can imagine how Brayden has spent his afternoon since we returned home.

All I can say is, “Beware where you walk if you plan to go barefoot!”



IMG_3206 (Small)


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2 responses to “First Annual Lego Expo

  1. JoAnn

    September 30, 2012 at 7:23 am

    What a fun looking exhibit. Thanks for the link to the parliament building, it does make sense now. 🙂

  2. April

    October 1, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    Oh drats! I didn’t know it was on… We would have loved to have gone. Star Wars would have been the highlight for my son also 🙂


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