Pick The Doll

29 Sep

I was going through old photos and found this one.

One of these is my beloved ‘Cabbage Patch Doll’ and the other is my much more beloved, ‘Baby Really Alive’, otherwise known as Ethan.

My doll, that really ate, pooped, and spewed (he was the deluxe edition), was quite the tiny fellow at 5lb12oz.  At my baby shower I joked with my midwife friend that I wanted a baby about the size of the newborn weighed doll we were using for games.  She replied that most newborns are actually heavier than the doll we were using.  A month later this little man arrived on the scene and he was a whole pound lighter than the weighed doll size I had ‘ordered’.

He was a perfectly healthy baby though.  When asked about Ethan’s size, the pediatrician quipped, “You don’t get Clydesdales from a Shetland Pony”.  So he was just petite…and a whole lot more work than a Cabbage Patch doll, let me tell you!!!

pick the doll (Medium)

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