A Day At Mt Cootha

05 Oct

Yesterday we decided to do some Park Orienteering at the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens in Brisbane.

You can find these orienteering challenges online at various places.  We found ours here.  All you have to do is print the map and challenge sheet and you’re on your way.  (Oh and you really do need to print it in colour.)

IMG_3409 (Small)

We decided early on in our challenge to split up into teams, otherwise the dominant person leads the way and everyone just ends up tagging along.

Ethan and Daddy confidently headed off ahead of us

IMG_3275 (Small)

but we suspected that they would have benefited from our directional prowess.  Hehehe.

IMG_3274 (Small)

Brayden and I were on the ball and quickly tracked down our markers

IMG_3238 (Small)

and noted our answers as we went along.

IMG_3243 (Small)

We were so confident we had time to look around,

IMG_3240 (Small)

investigate the fossilised tree trunk,

IMG_3273 (Small)

count the Water Dragons we spotted (9 at the last count),

IMG_3282 (Small)

observe a duck domestic dispute,

IMG_3283 (Small)

marvel at the unfriendly cacti,

IMG_3295 (Small)

and smell the flowers.

IMG_3277 (Small)

We still completed the challenge

IMG_3267 (Small)

with plenty of time for lunch.

IMG_3291 (Small)

After lunch, (since it’s criminal to go to the gardens and not stop in)

IMG_3232 (Small)

we visited the Planetarium to see a show.

IMG_3314 (Small)

We always like to get there early

IMG_3319 (Small)

so there’s plenty of time to look around

IMG_3331 (Small)

at all of the different exhibits.

IMG_3317 (Small)

The show we saw was, “Stars to the Pharaohs”.  It’s shown on the ceiling of a domed theatre like the one in the model.
IMG_3320 (Small)

After the Planetarium, to complete our visit to Mt Cootha, we drove up to the lookout to check out Brisbane.

IMG_3332 (Small)

That’s our capital city there in the distance.  The blue on the horizon is the bay.

IMG_3337 (Small)

This is our city centre
IMG_3335 (Small)

And this is not the dead centre of town, despite what I was once gullible enough to believe (I also fell for the one about ‘gullible’ being taken out of the dictionary.)

IMG_3336 (Small)

Back to our tour of Brisbane!

IMG_3351 (Small)

Then we drove up and around the whole mountain.  I’m sure hubby does this every time just to terrorise me.  I am not a fan of mountain driving.

IMG_3365 (Small)

He ‘said’ it was to show the boys where each of the tv stations broadcast from.

IMG_3375 (Small)

Can you believe that people actually ride bikes up this mountain?!!  Don’t these people own tvs or something?!

IMG_3385 (Small)

Of course, all of this touring around meant that our trip home,
IMG_3392 (Small)

through the city
IMG_3397 (Small)

past the giant rubber duckie on the river,
IMG_3224 (Small)

would bring us to the afternoon peak hour carpark that people good-humouredly call the ‘free’way.  HA!

IMG_3406 (Small)

Thankfully we were virtually oblivious to the  crawling speed of our car as we were happily occupied with the latest (and possibly our new favourite) Lamplighter radio drama, “The White Gypsy”.


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2 responses to “A Day At Mt Cootha

  1. JoAnn

    October 5, 2012 at 6:52 am

    Such beautiful pictures. You live in a very pretty area. Sounds like a fun day.

  2. Elsa

    October 6, 2012 at 10:42 am

    Looks like you had a great day! Lovely Gardens.


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