A Trip to the Orchestra

08 Nov

This week we headed off to the Brisbane Powerhouse.

It was our first visit to the Powerhouse and the fantastic New Farm Park right next door.  I even got there without any navigational issues so I’m sure we’ll be back again before long.

IMG_1116 (Small)

The purpose for our visit was an orchestra performance.

Once or twice a year I take the boys (and several friends) to the orchestra.   We love it.

IMG_1119 (Small)

The performance we attended was “Maximus Musicus” and the kids have voted it amongst their favourites.  It was delightful!

Prior to our visit I purchased the book and CD for us to enjoy.  It also makes a lovely memento of our visit.  Apparently there are two more books in the works.  I dearly hope they turn them into future performances.

IMG_3835 (Small)

Before any visit to the orchestra we always read through a selection of our growing collection of orchestra focused books.

IMG_3834 (Small)

This was a new-to-us title and it was great.  It led us to focus on the different families of the orchestra.

IMG_3833 (Small)

As we explored each family, we popped over and met each individual member in the book, Meet the Orchestra.

You should have seen us, we had all of our books open at once and were jumping from one to the other to create a new whole.

IMG_3832 (Small)

It wasn’t just books that we were simultaneously exploring.  We had a new music app open as well so we could hear each instrument and a musical piece featuring the instrument.

IMG_3828 (Small)

I highly recommend the “Meet the Orchestra” app.  It’s one of the best music apps I’ve seen and I’ve downloaded a few recently and deleted the rest.

There is a ‘Learn’ and ‘Quiz’ component to the app.

photo 2 (Small)

In the ‘Learn’ section you choose the instrument family you want to explore and you can hear its sound, its name, specific information about the instrument and music featuring the instrument.  It’s wonderful.

photo 4 (Small)

In the ‘Quiz’ section you have four different activities, each with multiple levels.

The boys and I both enjoyed these games and they do get quite challenging as you progress, particularly the ‘Define Order’ quiz.  Or maybe we’re just musically challenged, which isn’t too far from the truth.

photo 3 (Small)
Neither of my boys are learning to play an instrument (unless you count CD players), but, as I tell a musically inclined friend, I’m training up an audience for all those children who do learn to play instruments.  That’s a worthy goal, right?  And at present I’m right on target with my goal and we’re already counting down the sleeps until our next orchestra audience training session.  🙂


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One response to “A Trip to the Orchestra

  1. JoAnn

    November 9, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Sounds like a good time, and that app sounds very interesting. 🙂


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