It’s a Hard Life

14 Nov

Homeschooling is tough.

While school children are at school enjoying their worksheets and desks, homeschoolers are out and about at Movieworld.

IMG_3989 (Small)

There’s so much socialising to do as homeschoolers.  It’s of the utmost importance.  You ask anyone.  They’ll tell you.

IMG_4015 (Small)

And because it’s not holiday time we have to ride the bumper cars repeatedly, like consecutively.

It’s just something us homeschoolers have to learn to live with.  🙂

IMG_4070 (Small)

Learning about the law of gravity would be more dry and less terrifying at school, but us hands on homeschoolers we are dedicated to what we do and took the plunge in the name of Science, or is that Math?

IMG_3996 (Small)

I took on the role of  ‘mentoring’ the youth and showed them that mothers are not too old to ride roller coasters, and yes, they can do anything with long hair and a skirt.

IMG_4060 (Small)

Never any school assemblies for us though.  The only time we assembled en masse was at the Stunt Car Show.    One of my personal favourites for the day, that and the Lethal Weapon ride.

Because our children are not at school it’s very important to give them plenty of practise in large groups and training in how to line up.  Sadly, since we can’t do this at home, we just have to venture out of our homes to theme parks every so often to ensure our children aren’t disadvantaged and lacking in skills.

IMG_4045 (Small)

And at the end of our ”school’ day, since there’s no school bus ride home for homeschoolers, we have to sit with friends and eat ice cream.  I know.  I feel bad that they miss the bus experience too but we tried our best.

IMG_4080 (Small)

It’s true.  Homeschoolers just can’t compete with schools.  We’ll always miss out on stuff – but us homeschoolers, we try out best.

Life as a homeschooler is hard.   So we eat ice cream and plan our next theme park trip.

Such is the life of a poor homeschooler.

























Posted by on November 14, 2012 in Field Trips


2 responses to “It’s a Hard Life

  1. Jen

    November 16, 2012 at 1:43 am

    LOL!! It’s a tough life but we learn to soldier through 😀

  2. JoAnn

    November 16, 2012 at 5:38 am

    🙂 That is a great way of writing it all. It’s a touch life, but someone has to do it. lol


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