Ark! – A Fantastic New Boardgame

22 Dec


You won’t have heard of this new board game but I’m going to change that.

photo 2

A dear friend generously gave us a lovely Christmas gift today –

IMG_4609 (Small)

The boardgame called, “Ark:  The Great Race“.

You can’t buy this game in stores.

(Doesn’t that just make you want it more?!)

IMG_4625 (Small)

People in our friend’s Church created this game and it’s currently only sold through their Church website.

What clever people they have at Generation Church!

IMG_4633 (Small)

I love the thought that has gone into this game.  It’s a rare gem.  I mean, how often does a game creator care if the stickers on your tokens need replacing over time and provide extra stickers for such an occasion.

IMG_4690 (Small)

A little picture book about Noah and the Ark is provided to share God's story

Apparently the creators of the game were very particular about the quality standards they expected from the manufacturers of this game and it truly shows.

IMG_4689 (Small)

Rainbow coloured cards and pieces

Even the packaging demonstrates the care and concern for the product they are sharing with others.

IMG_4688 (Small)

Everything is just gorgeous and their attention to detail shows that this was a product of love.

IMG_4670 (Small)

So how do you play?


Travel around the world

IMG_4677 (Small)

collecting animal pairs, from each continent,

IMG_4686 (Small)

to safely stow in your ark.

IMG_4684 (Small)

Ah, but beware of the termites, icebergs and other disasters that may disrupt the safe voyage of your ark.

IMG_4705 (Small)

That’s the general game play but there are many fabulous elements that add to this game, making it a game that kids will love and parents won’t groan about having to play.

IMG_4663 (Small)


The key skill involved in the game is remembering the animals that each player acquires, in order to request a mate and make a pair.  If you can’t remember, you may ask for an animal fact hint or for the noise the animal makes.  All of this information is contained on each animal card.

IMG_4646 (Small)

On the gameboard there are opportunities to collect new animals from each continent and to acquire animals from other players; and cards that bring misfortune or extra blessings,

IMG_4644 (Small)

…like Ark Insurance, something every Ark owner needs in the perilous world of animal collecting.

IMG_4707 (Small)

Ark” is a game that balances skill and luck so that no one knows who’s going to win until the game is over.   Younger players love this kind of game as it puts them on an even playing field with the adults, as anyone could win.

IMG_4683 (Small)

Lost you with all of the details?  Never fear there’s a Rule Book will all of the nitty gritty details.

IMG_4668 (Small)

Rule books seem daunting??…

Ah, not a problem with the Ark game!

IMG_4634 (Small)

In addition to a fabulous board game, lovingly created, they have made an app (free of course) to enhance your game playing experience!


The app includes a 6 minute video that tells you how to play.  Gotta love that!


There’s also a “Facts” section on the app


where you can explore the continents


and study up on the animals and your animal sound techniques.

Hmmm…I wonder if you can refer to these during the game.  That would give me an edge…until termites eat my ark again!


And something really clever that parents are going to love

…because who hasn’t had to spend torturous hours playing Monopoly for what seemed like an eternity….

a game timer!!


You even get to choose for how long you’d like to play.

It’s so much easier to say yes to a board game if you know it’s got a definite end and you know exactly when that will be.

However I promise you’ll get engrossed in this game and will be just as disappointed when it end as the kids.

photo 1

But wait, there’s still more.  Yes, this game just keeps giving and giving.

In the final moments of the game, the timer adds dramatic sound effects, with thunder and rain, as the clouds close in when the end is nigh.

photo 1

Those final game moments are hectic and thrilling.  You do not want to hit an iceberg at this point!

IMG_4664 (Small)

When the game is over, everyone counts how many continents they have collected pairs of animals from and a winner is announced.  It could be anyone.  And if it wasn’t you, why not play again.  We did!


Ark” was such a lovely gift and possibly one of the best board games we’ve played as a family.

If you are looking for a new board game, something you’ll enjoy as much as the kids, then I’d highly recommend “Ark“.

My family is going to have a lot of fun playing this game over the years and I suspect we’ll still be playing it with the grandchildren.

photo 2






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4 responses to “Ark! – A Fantastic New Boardgame

  1. Kylie & Shane Thomas

    December 22, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Hello! Thank you soooo much for this thorough & wonderful description of our game. My husband created this game, & I have to say, he is a genius:) Who ever plays, loves it! We are so glad you love it too! Have a blast playing this special game! you cant put a price on quality time with family & friends, & this alone makes us very happy. Thanks again:) Kylie Thomas

  2. Tracey

    December 22, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Thank you both for such a wonderful game. You have truly blessed us and anyone who plays the game. 🙂

  3. JoAnn

    December 23, 2012 at 6:31 am

    Looks like a fun game.

  4. Elsa

    December 23, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Great review of what seems like a fantastic game!


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