2013 – A Whirlwind So Far

17 Jan



Please, someone, slow down the clock!  I have had so much to do and not nearly enough days to do it all in.

Were you wondering where I had got to?  I haven’t had enough time to wonder myself.  Wondering, time to think, time to sit and ponder…what a luxury.  Hmmm…maybe when this holiday is over.

I certainly hope what they say, about how you start a year is how it’ll continue, isn’t true.

And there’s no reprieve in sight until mid-February I figure.  Sigh.

I don’t know how busy people live this way year after year.  I’d go nutty.  I like peaceful and relaxed days that look much the same as each other.

So what has 2013 held so far?

Well we had a nice relaxing time away at my parents’ place over the Christmas New Year period.  That was nice.  But returning home meant work.  Before we even left I had my cleaning hat on, pulling down Mum and Dad’s Christmas decorations and cleaning the house for Mum.  She has too many a lot of knick knacks and collectible dolls that attract a plagues dust bunnies.

At home the same cleaning awaited my homecoming.  We left the Beast with my brother so I had a date with my house to rid it of the evidence (and smell) of cat.  I purchased a bottle of “Urine Off” and used the whole bottle in my house until I couldn’t smell the Beast’s ‘presence’ any longer.   Oh and I had to sit and mend my torn curtains.  That was a job and a half but I’m pretty impressed with my efforts.  Unless you looked closely, you’d never know a cat had gone to town on my window dressings.  Wretched cat!

Of course, to completely get rid of all the cat fur and smell from my house I also had to wash all of the curtains.  They really needed a clean anyway.  I mean ‘really’ needed it.  I’m only half way through this job actually.  We have too many windows.  Yes, they make the house nice and bright and bring the outside in, but with all that extra light you notice more quickly how dirty the windows and curtains are.

When you wash curtains you have to wash windows.  It’s only logical.  In my brain anyway.  So I’ve been scrubbing windows too, and frames, and screens and tracks.   Only half finished that job too.  I’ve been doing a window a day on days when I have the time, and the weather plays fair.  I even pulled the sliding screen doors off their tracks and scrubbed them to within an inch of their lives.    A lot of mud wasps (hornets) lost their offspring that day.  Good!

I’ve been digging inside the cupboards too.  I have a lot more of those to do yet.  But time stole away from me so I’ll have to continue that during the term, a little by little.

You see a more time pressing task demanded my attention.  I’m hosting my sister’s baby shower this weekend and I don’t do things by half.  So I’ve been planning and preparing for this party for at least a fortnight.  I had games, decorations and food to plan.  Then I had to sit and make all these things to my perfectionist standards.  I have owls (the theme) coming out of my ears at the moment.  Owls on banners, owls on toothpicks, owl on tags on prizes, owls wrapping lolly favours, and a whole family (a large one!) of 3D paper owls (that took a whole week of evenings to cut, fold and stick together….What was I thinking!  But boy are they cute and it’s killing me that there are only 18.  20 is a more rounded number.  Can I restrain myself?  Hmmm…).  Today I went and bought all of the food for the party and tomorrow is my cooking day from sun up to well past sun down.

In between all of my baby shower preparations I’ve had guests too.  It pays not to let the house go too much when you are super busy with other things.  But I did.  So there were some panicked nighttime cleaning sessions.  Okay so it was just my Mum, Dad and Nana but still.   Dad’s been over here working a lot, putting up additional security devices.  Take it from me, at my Fort Knox, you do not want to pick you nose when you think you are in private.  Just saying….

Of course, being holidays, friends wanted to come and have a cuppa and bring their children to play, but I really just haven’t had the luxury of this kind of free time.  (Sorry to all of those who asked).  Any time spent away from what I absolutely had to do was spent with Hubby and the boys…reading aloud, playing board games, going to the movies (loved the Hobbit by the way), and all those things you enjoy when Hubby is home to enjoy them with you.   (Hubby being a school teacher has had weeks and weeks of holidays thankfully…someone needed to entertain my boys while I was busy…and help me pull out the windows and screens!)

Online, while I may not have been busy on my blog, I was busy fielding questions from new homeschoolers.  I don’t mind at all of course.  It’s lovely meeting new people and helping them along on their homeschooling journey.  January is always a busy month for it, and I’ll admit that emailing newbies is one of my favourite forms of procrastination, so please feel free to email.  🙂

My HEU report is also due this month.   When is rains, it pours.  So when I could steal a moment away from other pressing matters I’ve been trying to do a little here and there.  Next week I’ll really have to dig into it.  It’s due on the 30th!  Ahhhh!!!

Oh and friends keep asking me how my planning for term one is going.  School planning??  What’s that? Ha!  Too funny.  I honestly haven’t even had a chance to look at it or even think about it.  Thankfully I’d ordered all of the stuff I needed at the end of last year so it’s at least all sitting on the table taunting waiting for me.  But until my reports are in the mail and off to the HEU, I can’t afford to sit down and worry about it yet.  School might be starting a week later this year.

The only time I’ve had to relax in the last month has been between 1am and 3am.  I kid you not.  When I crawl into bed at night I pick up my book and read and read and read until I’ve had my fill.  Then I crash ready to repeat in the morning…well in a couple of hours.  Yeah, I’ll be honest.  We’ve been sleeping in…but sadly not enough to account for the hours I borrowed reading in the wee hours.

Quite frankly I’m looking forward to school.  Things returning to normal.  A relaxed, predictable routine.  A normal sleep pattern.  All paperwork completed.  And a lot less cleaning and definitely NO owls!

You know what?!  I think I’ll restart this year.  Yes.  I’ll start 2013 with the Chinese…on February 10th.   By then things should be back to normal, just how I like them.

…well, until July when something BIG is happening.


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5 responses to “2013 – A Whirlwind So Far

  1. Elsa

    January 18, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Oh gosh Tracey, your blog post made me totally exhausted lol! Similiar month here, but sprinkle in a bit of heat and fire danger. Have fun at the baby shower…do we get to see pictures of all those owl creations? oh…and I have a few windows that could use a bit of extra attention, just in case you end up in Victoria lol! Enjoy the Chinese new year when it comes. 🙂

  2. Tracey

    January 18, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    Oh I don’t like the sounds of fire danger.

    Oh I should photograph the things I’ve made. I have to make a scrapbook as a gift for afterwards. Good idea. While I wait for the brownies to bake I’ll get to that job. Of course I’ll share.

    Windows…no thank I do not need more. But if anyone would volunteer to do my walls that would be nice.

  3. Jen

    January 19, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Good to see you back! We are hitting a crazy busy time here now, as I have two boys trying to get their license! Oh and we have a baby on the way in ten weeks! So between Dr’s and driving tests it’s going to be nuts for the next couple of months!
    Looking forward to more of your blogs! 😀

  4. Heidi Wilson

    January 20, 2013 at 12:00 am

    WHEW! That left me breathless… will be answering your email as soon as the baby decides to settle his sleep in the evenings again – he is teething again! And I’m dying to know what is happening in July!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. JoAnn

    January 20, 2013 at 4:33 am

    Wow, I felt worn out just reading about all you are doing. Glad you have a time to look forward to when it slows down. 🙂


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