Gallery of Modern Art – Kids’ Apt7

15 Feb

We had a lovely day today at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

IMG_5458 (Small)

It’s always an ‘interesting’ place to explore.

IMG_5389 (Small)

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of ‘talent’ oozing from Modern Artists but their work is certainly intriguing.

IMG_5383 (Small)

I mean, check out what passes as art at GOMA.  These are cardboard boxes taped together and painted yellow.  Because of its size though, the ‘artwork’ is still pretty impressive.

IMG_5379 (Small)

You have to be wary though.

IMG_5384 (Small)

What appears to be a delightful scene from a distance…

IMG_5385 (Small)

Up close can be of questionable content.

IMG_5387 (Small)

Oh course, some pieces you know from a hundred paces that you need to steer the children promptly out of the room!  🙂

Every so often you find a ‘piece’ that really captures the kids’ attention.  This ‘installation’, I suppose you’d call it, was called “Eeny Meeny Miney Moe”.  It consisted of four of those prize grabber machines that were all controlled by the one joystick.

IMG_5393 (Small)

Each machine was filled with passports demonstrating how ‘hit and miss’ obtaining passports for border crossings can be in some countries.  And if you actually managde to “win” one, you got to keep the passport.  We saw this happen once today, which gave our boys false hope that they too might win.

IMG_5390 (Small)

Of course the purpose of our visit was to check out the children’s exhibition, so we eventually toddled off to the children’s area.  “Kids Apt7” was much better than the past one or two exhibits we’ve seen there.

In the first area we used a choice of blue or yellow cardboard to create an outfit or an artifact.

IMG_5395 (Small)

Once your masterpiece is complete, you move into the blue or yellow rooms to have your photo taken as you camouflage into the background.

IMG_5405 (Small)

Just call him Ned, if you can spot him…Aussies will get this…bonus points for overseas readers who know what I mean

IMG_5398 (Small)

Downstairs the kids used the touch screens to create animal pictures out of Persian characters for those animals.

IMG_5432 (Small)

These activities are always Ethan’s favourite.

IMG_5420 (Small)

This is his bird which we were able to email a copy of to ourselves and our friends.

IMG_5428 (Small)

This was another popular activity.  You had to choose a landmark in Central Asia to be photographed at.  You then took your receipt, entered the code into their computer and once again emailed the ‘art’ to yourself.  Ethan, being totally computer oriented, only cared about getting that receipt and using the computer terminals…as you can tell from his ‘creative’ pose.

IMG_5435 (Small)

In the mask making area, the kids whipped up some emotional mask characters

IMG_5451 (Small)

…With the occasional happy faced fellow.

IMG_5453 (Small)

And then got the idea to take their masks down to the photographing room to take their characters to Central Asia


With faces like these it’s no wonder it’s difficult to get passports!  Hehehe.


GOMA is always full of surprises, prompting us to question the ‘normality’ of some of the artists.  But we always enjoy entering into their crazy world to create a little corner of our own.

IMG_5416 (Small)

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One response to “Gallery of Modern Art – Kids’ Apt7

  1. JoAnn

    February 16, 2013 at 5:22 am

    Looks like a very interesting place, but I’m sure fun to visit. Glad you all had a good time.


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