Besotted With a Little Girl

19 Mar

Three days old.

IMG_5890 (Small)

and I finally got those cuddles!

IMG_5885 (Small)

Can you believe I had to coax Brayden to have a cuddle?

Then, after his 30 second hold, he states,

“Okay, get this baby off me now.”

Besotted??  Oh she’ll grow on him.

IMG_5932 (Small)

Now Ethan was an entirely different matter.  He jumped up as soon as a cuddle was on offer!

He is definitely besotted.


IMG_5920 (Small)

He just kept using the back of his finger to gently stroke Aria’s soft cheek.

IMG_5936 (Small)

Pretty understandable though.  They are enchanting little creatures.

I could happily have a Duggar’s share of these little cherubs…in the daylight hours.


IMG_5903 (Small)

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Posted by on March 19, 2013 in Family Events, Family Life


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