Wet N Wild – That’s PE, right??

29 Mar

Living on the Gold Coast is tough.  So tough.  Sometimes I wonder how we do it.

I mean the boys have to regularly go to water parks.

IMG_5739 (Small)

They have to bob along with their Daddy in their tubes

IMG_5669 (Small) (2)

Round and round the poor things go.

IMG_5677 (Small)

Then they run from one slide to the next.

IMG_5680 (Small)

Thankfully I just drop my three men off and head home for an hour or so of silence.  Ah…bliss.

IMG_5684 (Small)

Hubby claims those many walks up hills and steps are a killer.

Why do you think I stay home?!  🙂

IMG_5694 (Small)

Like I said, life is tough.  My poor boys.

IMG_5717 (Small)

Don’t have too much sympathy for them though.  Some of their pain is self-inflicted.

Hubby freely chose to ride this slide!

IMG_5729 (Small) (2)

Once they locked him in I bet he thought better of it!

At least in that position..if he doesn’t make it…he’s prepared for the next life.  🙂

IMG_5727 (Small)

They don’t even need to fight the crowds when they only go for the last hour or two and never during peak season.

I know.  Poor unsocialised kids.

IMG_5731 (Small)

But in the name of P.E. it must be done.

Water slides come under the umbrella of P.E. don’t they.

If not, three men have pulled the wool over my eyes!

IMG_5741 (Small)

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