Term 1 Summary 2013

30 Mar

Can you believe a whole term has past us by?!

I had felt like we hadn’t made good use of this term but after typing up our term summaries, as always, I feel so much better about what we achieved.  I highly recommend the activity to you.

(I only ever give Ethan’s summary as Brayden’s summary is essentially the same, except for Math and Language.  Yes I do one for him also but I just don’t post it.  No point reading double.)

Term 1 Summary – Ethan



–  read the Bible daily

–  finished reading, “Grandpa’s Box”

–  started reading, “The Ark, The Reed and the Fire Cloud”

–  read, “Vinegar Boy” during the Passion Week

–  started using, “Who is God?”

–  read the picture book, “The Donkey Who Carried a King”

–  watched the dvds


“Lion of Judah”

Drive Thru History “Holy Land” series

“Noah’s Ark:  Was There a Worldwide Flood?”

“Noah’s Ark:  Fact or Fable?”

“Search for Noah’s Ark”

“Grand Canyon:  The Puzzle on the Plateau”

“Grand Canyon:  Testimony to the Biblical Account of the Earth’s History”

–  daily listened to Seeds of Worship cds

–  reviewed Bible verses we have already memorised


–  completed first half of Singapore Math 5A (worked on place value to the millions, mental operations, estimation, order of operations, algorithms)

–  completed “Beast Academy’s”  multiplication unit

–  completed “Beast Academy’s” division unit

–  explored multiplying large number by 10 (and then 5)

–  explored the associative and communicative properties

–  completed regular pages of multiplication facts in our homemade booklet of worksheets

–  daily flashcard review using “Timestables the Fun Way”

–  Daily algorithm review in our homemade Dailies book

–  got into the habit of completing work in a grid exercise book

–  focused on complex multiplication and division algorithms

–  learned to divide by a double digit divisor

–  utilised QR scans to complete a booklet on factors and multiples

–  reviewed Roman numerals for fun with Daddy – converting numbers from Roman to our number system and back again, using large numbers eg 2013


–  daily oral spelling review with a written quiz on Fridays (using Sequential Spelling)

–  handwriting practice (not nearly frequent enough – must do something about this!)

–  working through Grammar Island (have covered simple subjects, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, and adverbs)

–  identified parts of speech in written sentences on whiteboard and in exercise book

–  practised writing spelling singular words as plural words using the rules they learned

–  practised adding vowel suffixes to words e.g. ing, ed, er, est

–  reviewed when to use the articles – “a”  and “an”

–  reviewed when to use the words – their, they’re, and there

–  began using “Fix-It” to learn/use grammar in context (found simple subjects and verbs in sentences, use the dictionary to define a word and attempt to use it in conversation throughout the day, and copywork….so far)

–  read a History novel I selected for him – “My Story:  Our Enemy, My Friends”

–  listened to the following audio stories:

“Watership Down”

“Alcapone Does My Shirts”

“Alcapone Shines My Shoes”


“War to End All Wars”

“Private Peaceful”

–  read aloud nightly to Daddy;  currently from the Encyclopedia Brown series

–  listened to Daddy read aloud the following title from the Roman Mysteries series:

“The Thieves of Ostia”

“The Secrets of Vesuvius”

“The Pirates of Pompeii”

“The Assassins of Rome”

“The Dolphins of Laurentum”

“The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina”

–  explored IEW’s Unit 5 – Picture Stories

–  also wrote:

a report about how the Great War affected women

a soldier’s letter home to their family describing life in the trenches and in particular the Christmas truce

a report about the Lyssavirus

a recount about Aria’s arrival (their new cousin)

a piece about enlisting in the war

–  Literary discussions and analysis of several picture books and a novel


–  regularly reviewed old vocabulary

–  reviewed last year’s “Getting Started with Latin” exercises

(Not nearly enough work in this area!)


–  explored a leaf with magnifying glasses, read about leaf structure and draw a labelled diagram of a leaf

–  completed the 4th unit in “Science in the Creation Week” – Sun, Moon & Stars, exploring:

the sun and shadows (marking the shadows of a toothpick over the duration of a day)

using the sun to mark time (using a torch to recreate shadows, reading a sundial)

colours in the sky (shone a torch through milky water to see the orange colour of sunset)

what is moving (demonstrated that the earth is moving around the sun and not the other way)

earth’s motion (demonstration revolutions and rotations of the earth)

solar system (made a toilet paper representation of the distances between planets in the solar system)

size of planets (made plasticine and balloon representations of the planets)

moon (demonstrated the phases of the moon)

perspective (demonstrated why the moon looks bigger than the sun)

eclipses (demonstrated lunar and solar eclipses)

apparent brightness (demonstrated this concept with a torch)

stars during the day (demonstrated that the sun’s light overwhelms the light of the stars during day)

ultraviolet light (watched the effects of uv light on newspaper, both with and without sunblock)

sunspots (used binoculars to safely view the surface of the sun)

what is in the sun (completed flame tests)

–  regularly watched episodes of “Backyard Science”

–  completed a research tasks on flying foxes and the Lyssavirus

–  spent time visiting their newborn baby cousin

–  explored the Science Centre twice, enjoying the exhibition, “Going Places” before it left


–  reviewed the countries in Europe and Asia

–  memorised the countries in South America

–  began reading “A Child’s Geography: Volume Two” and explored:

Turkey (Istanbul, Bosphorous Strait, Grand Bazaar, kilims, Van Cats, Lake Tuz, Mt Ararat, mud huts, Fairy Chimneys, Ephesus, St Paul, Temple of Artemis, Hagia Sophia, mosques, minarets, Dervish, Children’s Day, Cappodocia, underground caves etc)

Israel (war, wadis, mountains, plains, Dead Sea, desert farms, Eilat’s coral reefs, Beersheba, Bedouins, Ramon Crater, Negev Desert….etc)

–  created travel journals to record captions and pictures of the Middle Eastern places we explore

–  learned about plateaus, straits, hills, mountains, plains, seas and oceans

–  watch Drive Thru History Dvds

East Meets West (covering Cappadocia, Fairy Chimney, Hittites, Bazaar, Underground cities, Emperor Constantine, Nicene Creed, Hagia Sofia)

Turkish Delight (covering churches in the book of Revelations, Polycarp, Hieropolis, Laodicea, Paul’s letter to Philemon and Colossians, Ephesus, Library of Celsus, Artemis Temple)

          Greece and the Word (covering Greeks, Oracle of Delphi, Olympics, Alexander the Great, Athens, Acropolis, Pantheon, Corinth)

Covenants, Kings & Promised Land (covering Patriarchs, Exodus, Lachish, Beersheba, Dead Sea, Sodom, Gomorrah, King David, Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls)

Conquest, Cananites & the Holy City (covering Jerusalem, history of Israel, Jericho, Hazor, Samaria, Shechem, Shiloh, Jezreel, Meggido, Tel Dan)

Miracles, Messiah & the Roman Empire (covering Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Caesarea Philippi, caesarea Maritima)

Temple, Cross & the Empty Tomb (covering Mount Moiah, Temple Mount, Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock, City of David, Pool of Siloam, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Caiaphas, Crucifixion, Resurrection)

–  also watched a dvd about:

the computerised draining of the ocean to study the ocean floor

the building of the Hagia Sophia church

a travel documentary about Turkey

two documentaries about how the Grand Canyon came to be

three documentaries about Noah’s ark and the flood

–  read several picture books:

several children’s non-fiction books about Israel and Turkey

“The Hungry Coat” a Turkish folktale

“Joha Makes a Wish” a Middle Easter folktale

“Pop’s Bridge” about the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (where we learned what the ‘Golden Gate’ actually is!)

–  listen to two audio stories about Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco and an audio story about the great 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.


–  Finished reading “The Horse That Bit a Bushranger”

–  began learning about World War 1 through literature

–  read the following picture books:

Brave Soldier (nf)

Christmas in the Trenches (f)

Anzac Biscuits (f)

Archie’s War (nf/f/scrapbook)

–  read the following novels:

The Lord of the Nutcracker Men (f)

Truce (nf)

A Silver Donkey (f)

12 Terrible Tales (f)

–  listened to the audio story, “Private Peaceful”

–  watched the following dvds (censored to make appropriate)

The Lighthorsemen

The Digger – documentary – watched segments on Boer War and WW1


My Boy Jack

All the King’s Men

Joyeux Noel

–  wrote the following:

a report about the Great War’s Effect on women

a soldier’s letter home to their family describing life in the trenches and the Christmas truce

a story about enlisting in the war

– also read “Motel of Mysteries” about archeological assumptions and how inaccurate they could be


–  Visited the Gallery of Modern Art to participate in exhibition, “Kids Apt 7”

made camouflaged costumed out of cardboard

create animal pictures using Persian language characters

selected Asian backdrops for photographs

created masks with different emotive expressions

explored the art in the gallery

–  made a 3D woven pillow sculpture

–  made a 3D paper cube sculpture


–  attended the environmental performance “The Surfer and the Mermaid”


–  worked in his Mindbenders Book and Building Critical Thinking book


–  made his first app

–  watched episodes of Megabuilder (building bridges, positioning bridges, Venice sea wall, creating an oil rig etc)

–  explored and used Scratch programming and Code Academy

–  learned and use programming in Minecraft as well as played Minecraft

–  made cardboard Minecraft figures out of paper and glue

–  made his own QR scans

–  discussed computer programming with Luke, a computer programmer

Physical Education:

–  participated in weekly private swimming lessons

–  visited Wet n Wild once to twice weekly

–  went swimming with friends in their pools

–  played in the park with friends several times

–  would have played in the yard more if it’d ever stopped raining!!


–  Science Centre twice to explore the traveling exhibition, “Going Places”

–  Museum’s “Explore-a-saurus”

–  Gallery of Modern Art’s exhibition “Kids Apt 7)

–  Art Centre’s performance of “The Surfer and the Mermaid”


–  weekly playdates with long time dear friend

–  not enough playdates with another long time dear family of girls – only once this term

–  monthly park gathering with 5 other homeschooling families the children have grown up with

–  one larger park gathering with multiple homeschooling families from all over

–  several afternoons with new homeschoolers to encourage them, allowing the children to make new friends with various aged children (mostly younger this time)

–  several playdates a new dear friend

–  regular visits to Grandma and Grandad’s where Uncles and Aunt usually congregate too

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