Where I Buy My Books

30 Apr

I buy most of my books online nowadays.  The brick and mortar bookstores just don’t stock the type of books I’m keen to purchase.  Yes, I do still look and browse – a gal can dream and hope that perhaps they’ve figured out there are much better books out there.

No, I don’t always shops at Aussie sites. Today’s market is a global one and if the Aussie’s can compete then they either need to or find something else to do.  Books are so incredibly expensive in Australia.  So I let my dollars do the talking by saying, “It’s not okay to overcharge us for a product I can buy for half the price or less elsewhere.”  Something is seriously wrong when it’s cheaper to buy a dvd than a book!!

After years of book purchasing I have collected a list of my favourite online bookstores, from which I have made many purchases  (Hubby would say, ‘Too many’ but you can’t have too many books so clearly he’s mistaken.  Hehehe).

Here are my favourites in kind of an order of preference:

Book Depository – Always my first port of call because of the free shipping – you can’t beat that – and great book selection.  Their customer service is also great.  They have fast delivery too…although they do have this odd habit of sending each book in separate parcels that arrive in dribs and drabs but I’m not complaining.  I love them!  (Even if there prices did sneak up a little after Amazon bought them out.)

Christian Books – While Book Depository is great, it doesn’t always stock homeschooling curriculum – sometimes it does though, so this is where I buy most of my homeschool curriculum. Postage is okay and their shipping times, which used to be around the 6 week mark, have improved a lot in the past year.  The curriculum selection is fantastic.

Better World Books – Often you stumble upon great books you’d love to buy but are out of print.  This is when Better World Books is worth its weight in gold.  The shipping is also free, on most books and their customer service is also great.

Amazon – The only reason Amazon isn’t higher on my list of favourites is its shipping prices to Australia.  It’s tolerable for things I can’t buy elsewhere but it stacks up too quickly on larger orders.  I also find it lacking in the curriculum department.

Currclick – From Currclick I buy ebooks.  Sometimes you just want something immediately and without the added pain of shipping costs, so ebooks are quite handy.  Lots of places offer ebooks now but I always compare prices with Currclick, as well as their storage policies.  Most places only allow limited downloads within limited time periods.  At Currclick, your purchased library is always there, safe and sound, which is a lifesaver when your computers die as often as mine seems to!

Adnil Press – This is a small Australian homeschool business.  Now I don’t often buy from Adnil Press, as they sell only a few selected products; but, lucky for me, some of those products are ones I use (IEW).  Price wise I’ve found Adnil Press pretty fair, if you factor in the shipping savings.  Plus I can have the product in my hot little hands in around a week.  Sometimes that’s appealing.  I mention Adnil Press in my list, as I have dealt with other a similiar small Aussie homeschooling business and found them greatly lacking in a number of areas.  This is not the case with Adnil Press, so don’t be afraid to buy from them.  I have shopped there and will return.

Bookworld – Admittedly most of my books come from overseas – a gal’s gotta go where the books at the right price are – but occasionally I have to buy overpriced books from Australia.  This is obviously the case for books published in Australia.  There are plenty of reputable online sellers but most charge shipping and an additional $6 to $8 shipping makes expensive books even more expensive.  Bookworld however does not add shipping AND their prices are often cheaper than most other places if you join their free membership thingie.  Bookworld has become my new Aussie bookstore.

Fishpond – Before Bookworld, I purchased from Fishpond, if I had to.  They don’t charge shipping either.  While their prices aren’t always the cheapest, when you add shipping to other sellers, Fishpond used to win out.  However Fishpond is notorious for taking outrageous amounts of time to source and send your books.  Yes, I still use them occasionally but buyer beware; if you want it in a hurry, source it elsewhere.

Koorong or Word – I should also mention my favourite Christian book sellers; another Aussie store – both online and bricks and mortar.  Interestingly enough, these two stores sell books pretty cheaply, considering they are on Aussie soil.  So if I want a Christian title, I usually buy them from here, rather than shipping it in from the U.S.  Better still I go and browse at the Springwood Koorong store and save on shipping.  They have virtually nothing in the way of homeschooling curriculum but there are plenty of other books to feed your soul and brain.

All of this talk about books makes me want to go and drool over my wishlists.  Hmmm…where should I head first??  Hehehe.  I’m only partially kidding.  🙂


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4 responses to “Where I Buy My Books

  1. Erin

    April 30, 2013 at 8:39 am

    My top 3 in order of preference are are, Book Depository, Abe Books, and Better World

  2. Elsa

    May 1, 2013 at 8:37 am

    I’m sure you already check here, but I usually start my search at For other readers, it’s a place where you can check the least expensive place to buy your book in Australian dollars. I’m an on-line purchaser also, and I agree…books are expensive here. I’d also have to add abebooks, a great place to find second hand books if you’re looking for an out of print book. Great list!

  3. Sheryll

    May 1, 2013 at 11:36 am

    I second the suggestion of Booko! Usually Book Depository ends up having the cheapest price anyway, but for those Aussie books or used, out of print books it’s a great search engine!

  4. Tracey

    May 1, 2013 at 11:47 am

    I haven’t really got onto the booko bandwagon. Hmmm…I might have to give it more consideration. I have ordered from Abebooks though. Well just the once.


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