Off to the Theatre

13 May

This morning we headed off to the theatre for the second time this year.

We had tickets to see “Room on the Broom”.  It was a performance created by the same people who created “Gruffalo” and “Gruffalo’s Child” – both performances we very much loved!

Well “Room on the Broom” is now, for us, another much loved performance to add to our growing list of favourites.

The actors, puppets and performance were just wonderful – flawless really.  Our eyes were glued to the stage for the whole duration, laughing and giggling to yourself, and clapping along as well.

Okay well there was one thing that I was a teensy bit disappointed in – the use of humorously invented, but close to real, curse words by one of the colourful puppets.  I know.  A little picky, especially since it’s now a ‘normal’ thing for ‘normal’ kids but since we don’t want to be ‘normal’, when we can help it, it did make this mumma, ‘tsk tsk’.

Despite this, we’d still recommend a visit to see “Room on the Broom” performed.  Yes there’s a book you could read, and do read it – all of Julia Donaldson’s book are fabulous for all ages – but if you get a chance (I highly recommend you make that chance), go to see it (or any other children’s theatre) performed live.  You can’t beat sitting in a theatre watching a live performance.

broom book We’re already counting down the sleeps to our next productions…Emily Eyefinger and then Possum Magic.  Oh and just ignore the recommended ages.  Prep to Grade Three!  Ha!  If the mums love it, even the bigger kids will love it …unless they’ve been ruined into thinking they are ‘too grown up’ for such fun.  Remember my men are going on 10 and 12 this year and laughed all the way through.  We just loved it!

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One response to “Off to the Theatre

  1. Elsa

    May 13, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    Looks like fun! We’re heading to Possum Magic in June. Looking forward to it.


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