The Other Parts of Seaworld – Aside From Our Tv Debut

26 May

Okay well now you’ve heard all about our tv news debut, I thought I should mention something about Seaworld too. 

I know.  We are so incredibly lucky to live so close to all the best theme parks nationwide.  I totally agree.  When moving to the Gold Coast, annual pass purchase is almost a given.

Anyway, we spent the day at Seaworld on Friday.   For ages I’d been promising the kids we’d go with a friend and then the nudge that we needed presented itself – I was looking after Miss L for the day – so we ditched school took our learning to Seaworld.

IMG_7394 (Small)

The kids planned out the day, but really I think God played the biggest part as we always seemed to be in the right place for amazing opportunities with very little effort on our part.  Even the weather was ideal – yes it rained on and off but always as we’d enter shelter and then stop again when it was time to exit.  And at every show we saw, it was sunny, which was a blessing as there’s no cover to dash to there.  Just a perfect day – not too hot, not too cold, and the right balance of wet and dry.

First up we convinced Ethan, who needed convincing, to go on the Log Ride and we were the ONLY people at the ride.  No long.  No time to back out.  And the first on the ride for the day. 

Then over to the seal show

IMG_7166 (Small)

to watch a seal do some painting

IMG_7176 (Small)

and other clever tricks.

IMG_7189 (Small)

They are such amazing animals.  So handsome if ever an animal could be!

IMG_7194 (Small)

While waiting for the first stingray feeding session we wandered over to the polar bear enclosure and perfectly timed our visit with feeding time

IMG_7222 (Small)

and the very first viewing of the new baby polar bear.  Oh yeah and we got ourselves on tv!

IMG_7230 (Small)

We actually missed the first stingray feeding session, while down talking to the media, but we made sure we were there for the second and final session of the day.  The kids weren’t keen to feed them but I was.  If the mums aren’t brave and adventurous how can we expect the kids to try new things.

IMG_7214 (Small)

But this was a big ask – fending off the swooping sea gulls, holding squid between your knuckles and getting your fingers out of the way in time when the stingray took his meal. 

IMG_7466 (Small)

Miss L gave it a go but she wasn’t really keen either.  The rays come right up high to grab their meal.  Remember their mouths are under their body so your hand slides along underneath until you reach the mouth.  It’s a pretty interesting experience.  I’d happily do it again.

IMG_7464 (Small)

While the boys didn’t want to put their fingers near a stingrays mouth, they were perfectly happy to touch all sorts of things in the touch pools – starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and shark eggs.

IMG_7241 (Small)

We entered Shark Bay just as it started raining.  Talk about God’s perfect timing!.  And being a rainy day the lighting was great for photography.

IMG_7254 (Small)

Look at some of these fish.  There’s such diversity

IMG_7256 (Small)

and creativity.

IMG_7260 (Small)

I reckon our God has quite a sense of humour!  Hehehehe!

IMG_7279 (Small)

I have to wonder who’s doing the observing most of the time though – us or them.  This stingray seemed to marvel at the funny humans caged up behind the glass. He looked like quite a character!

IMG_7294 (Small)

Sharks of course abounded in ‘Shark Bay’. 

Little ones…

IMG_7268 (Small)

big ones…

IMG_7296 (Small)

all sorts.

IMG_7308 (Small)

We even saw the divers vacuuming the tank.  I must say.  The ‘protector’ fellow wasn’t as attentive as I would have liked him to be if that was me in there vacuuming out the shark tank!!

IMG_7312 (Small)

We also caught the ski show

IMG_7322 (Small)

and watched some pretty hair-raising tricks.

IMG_7339 (Small)

And check this out!  A jet propulsion pack.  Cool. 

Not that I ever want to try one out, nor will I let my children do so!   Only cool to watch someone else doing it!!

IMG_7335 (Small)

The emperor penguins are a newish attraction.

IMG_7349 (Small)

We’ve rarely spotted them in the water but this day they were having a jolly time chasing each other around in the water. 

IMG_7360 (Small)

They’re not nearly as big as I imagined ‘Emperor’ penguins to be but still impressive.

IMG_7385 (Small)

Perfectly timed once again, we took one of the last sky rail trips of the day.  The wind began to pick up during our trip as high speed gusts moved in for the night.

IMG_7389 (Small)

And then, wouldn’t you know it, our cablecars stopped right over the dolphins pools (rest assured it’s a scheduled stop)

IMG_7395 (Small)

where the trainers were training and feeding the dolphins.

IMG_7399 (Small)

Since we skipped the proper dolphin show to rush home to watch the news, seeing the dolphins practise their routines was quite a treat.  Something I hadn’t seen before actually.

IMG_7407 (Small)

Later in the day we actually saw the same scene – yes twice in one day – in the back pools near Seal Harbour.  We even spotted the trainers giving the dolphins eye drops.  Such an amazingly blessed day at Seaworld.

IMG_7459 (Small)

Seal Harbour is tucked away down the back of Seaworld.  We’d never explored it before so we were glad to come upon it.  Seals are so cute.  Okay, so I have a weird idea of what cute is.  🙂

IMG_7443 (Small)

It was here that we learned, for a price, you could feed a seal.  We’ll be back to try that out sometime.

IMG_7429 (Small)

Then we had to cut our day shorter than planned to rush home to catch the news.

IMG_7477 (Small)

Yes an amazing day out.  As the kids said – aren’t we lucky we aren’t cooped up in school all day.  Think of all the amazing things we’d miss out on!  I’d have to agree!!!


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4 responses to “The Other Parts of Seaworld – Aside From Our Tv Debut

  1. Petra

    May 26, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Yes, one only has to look at fish to realise what a marvellous sense of humour God has!

  2. Jen C

    May 27, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Seaworld is great fun! When we get back to Qld we are hoping to go there again.

  3. Helena

    June 15, 2013 at 10:37 am

    thought of you today – watched David Attenborough tonight and the penguins are actually King penguins not Emperor penguins – explains their size ;p I have been fawning over the penguins at seaworld for days now, (thinking they were Emperor penguins,) and only just realised they were King penguins, 2nd largest penguin species.

    • Tracey

      June 15, 2013 at 10:42 am

      Gosh well now I need to go back and read their signs better. Heheheh. We also have to do some research on them anyway as my boys want to check that they actually have feathers.


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