‘The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place’

14 Jun

I have been looking at this series of books for a little while now, wondering whether my boys would enjoy them or not.  They sounded a little girlie from the blurb and I wondered whether it was actually my desire to read them that was urging me to buy them.

Well I needn’t have worried!

One afternoon we were planning a longish, unplanned drive to Grandma and Grandad’s and realised that our then current audio book would run out not long after we left our suburb.  The book series I had planned to listen to next wasn’t yet in audio format.  What’s with that?!!  So the only quick thing I could think of was the “Incorrigible Children” series.

Sometimes the best decisions are those we jump into without all that fretting.  At least that’s how this decision has turned out for us.


My boys (and I) are absolutely looooving this adorable series of books.  Okay, so we’re only on Book One but I KNOW we’ll just eat up all of the rest.  And the fourth book comes out in December this year.  We’ll be counting down the weeks until Christmas this year and it’ll have nothing to do with Santa.

Now, if you’re going to read this series, we highly recommend the audio version.  The accents the narrator creates are posh and proper and quite often howlingly hilarious.  Cassiopeia, the youngest incorrigible, will just melt your heart-awooooos.

Right, so where can we drive to so we can listen to more of our audio story?  Does anyone need a lift somewhere?  No, that won’t work.  Passengers talk.  Hmmm… How many times can a family drive around the block before they are considered ‘casing the joint’.  Dilemmas, dilemmas.



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